How to get good grades in College


  1. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    Prepares a schedule to finish the trials on time: students usually attend 5 courses during a quarter of 12 weeks. Many courses require an essay and a final examination as the main basis for the evaluation. Trials are usually delivered in week 10, in such a way that students write five trials for 10 weeks. Get a schedule at the beginning of the quarter, showing when be documented and write each test and comply with it. The best resources that can be used for testing are the articles for academic journals. These are more accurate and easier to assimilate to the extensive research works as a book.


  2. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    Attend seminars: participation in Seminar notes represent only between 10 and 15% of the final mark, but missing these corresponds to a reduction of approximately 1.5% per each Miss, so it would fall 3 mistakes you note. Some teachers do not give credit to students who remain in silence at a seminar. It is important to read the assigned text and have something to say about this during a seminar. Teachers with experience can easily detect ‘fake’ comments from students who have not read the text of the seminar.

  3. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    Attends classes: although classes provide you copies of the PowerPoint slides and other virtual materials, not to attend these affects the quality of the answers that students write to the final exam.

  4. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    Read all the readings required before or after school so that you understand the material. Understand the material is everything; help on tests, tasks and virtually everything.

  5. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    You don’t let things for later! Don’t let your tasks until the day before the delivery, since you’ll do them hastily and probably kicks to note much lower than if you started earlier. In addition, having extra days will allow you to have more days of review.

  6. Cómo sacar buenas notas en la universidad

    Always check your work or ask a colleague check it several times. Make sure that your grammar is adequate, cite your sources and choose a good theme for the trials.


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