How to choose a University


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    Defines the career that you want to study. This is the most important step as your desire to study this race will determine your success through the admission process.


  2. Cómo escoger una universidad

    Choose a University that provides the best for your career. Try to also find out if this University offer scholarships or courses specialized for your area. There are some universities that have best laboratories than others and others who have better agreements with companies. Looking for that which balances the academic and economic aspects.

    • Academic agreements: these mean that you have good contacts with universities from the outside where it can do to get a specialty.
    • Economic aid agreements: see if the University has agreements with international institutions to support economically the career that you are going to study. This means that you will have better equipment, better libraries and better spaces for study.
    • Agreements with empresa:si belong to a branch technical or economic, will like to know if your University has agreements with companies in which you can put into practice the skills you will acquire in the classroom.
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    Looking for a University according to your budget. They will always tell you that dreams are not measured in money. This is true always have the possibility to pay for your education. Do not be afraid to get a job at half-time to cover your education costs and considers this expenditure as an investment. If you strive you enough and you have good averages, it is probable that some university grants you a scholarship according to your needs. Search the scholarship programs of the universities to which you would like to apply.

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    Compares curricula. The University where he teaches is your career well can have the same name, but the topics to study can be each other. Well see which field you want to specialize and choose a University according to your needs.

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    Find out the ways of entering the University you chose. There are some universities that allow you to enter a single request, but it is likely that you have to take an examination or take a course before they consider your income. At some universities also require that you have an admission interview. Check out the model of admission for your career. Is it possible that the mode of admission vary from race to race and have to meet certain requirements.

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    Verifies that the languages Department is competent. In a globalized world the last thing you want is to stay out. You are looking for a University possessing a solid English learning program.

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    Find schedules that fit your needs. There are universities which provide compatible with work schedules to part-time. Likewise, there are certain careers that do not support flexible hours for people who work. It considered this point when choosing a study center.

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    The decision at the right time. Many universities offer their bargains much before the end of the school year in schools. That is why you must pay attention to the offers mentioned, choosing your college and start working on your admission. While more before you decide, better.


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