Person psychologically harassed man wins lawsuit and will walk away a millionaire


. If you keep a pesterijtje at work: stop it. You may save your piggy bank is broken if it does so, the Jemense proves Osama Saleh though. He won a lawsuit from his millionaire colleagues and was pestende. The 27-year-old   Osama Saleh comes from Yemen and worked in Brooklyn as a warehouse clerk for the clothing brand Pretty Girl. Yes, and? Yeah, well. That warehouse clerk, who for just over 5 euros per hour worked from the seam, is now so millionaire. Not because he has bought the company and made quite a profit, but because he effe a lawsuit won by its harassing colleagues. how much he has scooped up? Och, 4.7 million, know New York Daily News to tell us. And that’s, let’s see, tcktcktck divided by time and the root of … ah.

only 3.5 million euro.

Osama Bin Laden even sometimes bully each other, we were talking about ‘ Good ‘, but now seriously: what makes that Saleh won a lawsuit and was in é é n walk away a millionaire? Then it goes no longer to gentle Mr.-de-lion-has-for-you-call-jokes (which you get when you return the call to the line than Artis)? That’s right. Osama by his peers was a terrorist and Osama Bin Laden, which not even é é n times is fun. His colleague James Robinson, guard of the Pretty Girl-thing, found that this was not enough and he told Saleh that Arab people hated, because he found they get dirty. Osama just had to go back to Yemen. However, it remained at words. Robinson decided to give Osama there of along and hit him a broken jaw. Idlers of bosses raised the bizarre harassment at his bosses Osama has, but who did the bullying off as ‘ fun ‘. The Vice President of Pretty Girl, Victor Lavy, agrees that: ” that Osama for Osama Bin Laden was a member, was really no big deal. They were just a bit at the joking. ” He also denies that the bully the company code has been exceeded. There was the judge the only disagree, of course, and Osama: ” be called A terrorist and Osama Bin Laden is an insult to me and my race. ”

lawyer Fred Brewington

3.5 million euro, Osama’s half, the way where colleagues have dealt with Osama, ‘ hugely dangerous for the multicultural society ‘. However, that was not the only point within the lawsuit. Also the emotional stress that Osama is experiencing as a result of the harassment, as well as the fact that he performed by the violence of his colleague still has a deteriorated hearing. There is also the fact that the company has been so lax in dealing with Osama’s half Bully: he should just keep working. All this together made that Osama got 3.5 million euros in damages. How etter James Robinson and Pretty Girl have responded, we do not know, but we can imagine that they were with their mouth full of teeth. And rightly so. What do you think about the outcome of the lawsuit?

Image: New York Daily News

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