Win: 5 x a bright orange WK-case

after four years it’s finally that time again: the World Cup is upon us. Only you going precisely this summer during all major competitions on holiday. How to get the Dutch boys encourages anyway? With these bright orange WK-case!   We love the World Cup now. not only because of the more clever than handsome footballers, but also, because we have a good reason which to in full Orange-regalia to take to the streets. Of course we’d like to do in style and also on our trip we want to show our best supporters. Orange-fever? Brian, maybe a little.  

But yes, except on Koningsdag we can almost never with our horns, Lions caps and Roy Dela Cruz juichpak choose walk around in the wild. It’s just got a bit of a waste that all that stuff after the World Cup final just turn to attic disappears. What is orange, but you can still always be fine all year use? A suitcase! Look, that they have at gowithMax well understood.   gowithMax What is gowithMax? Max loves enjoy and he knows better than anyone that we women are so changeable as the wind and spontaneous sense in a shop weekend in Milan. Or a day trip to the sauna with your lover. But yes, dilemma: there is so much to do and there are so many places to see, where do you go? And if you prefer staying home, how do you stop boredom? Max has the happy all sorted out. Of concert tickets and sauna visits to discounted airline tickets and hotels, you’ll find it on gowithMax. Know more about Max? We wrote previously about.    

Win if you are a fan of gowithMax   and already with croquettes and World Cup-bells for the tube is, then this Orange WK-case really what for you. He is against wind and weather file and tr è s trendy if you this summer journey and everywhere you go, would show that you are behind Orange State.   And the most fun of all this is that we should give away gowithMax     5 Orange coffers of € worth of 60,-per piece.   the only thing you need to doyou to register with gowithMax,   is. Success ladies!  WIN: 5 x a bright orange WK-case

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