Lose weight: the recognizable obstacles

losing weight is not exactly a piece of cake. In fact, the word alone makes us tired. Because a beach body comes you can’t just to them ” unfortunately. Well, that di ë at …     sometimes creates for recognizable scenes 1 January, é é n day after your birthday and Mondays are fixed starting-der- 


you think always on food. At the squawk of the morning alarm clock you remember all that prakkie tonight on your plate.
  were you just as busy, you – quite unconsciously – a big fat to butter cake. Oh well, that chocolate bar    

there at.

in the evening, repentance you the fact that you have nothing that afternoon goodies  
met. during your diet seems everyone suddenly to consuming massive cleaning and chocolate chips. Everywhere to eat  
prevails. While the credits of GTST reappears, you hungry, because of a decision to the max, but fast  

to go to sleep.

you hear pints, gallons of water off but 2 liter?  

Holy moly! you have it much too busy to 3 times a week to trudge in the gym, no  
but really. So you decide at night before bed to lungen 20 times, 50 squats and 4 times the stairs and off to trot. Eh..      

not. everything around you is edible. Whether it’s about the date or not, and even if it has already seen the trash  
. after two days you can see all zoom. Which of course is rewarded with a  
sugar waffle. you get all half an orgasm in a lick of honey or crumb  
sugar. Your off days, Sundays and holidays do not count as  
diet days. Your lists for yourself – on – in your head, why that one sweet  

so barslecht

  is for you. you want as soon as possible
result. Tears with spouts if it turns out that you’ve lost after three days no ounce of toiling in the  
sports school. a marrow pipe is delicious, but since you know that you can find such a klotedieet follows caloriebom  

10 times tastier.

while you with full courage began, is that courage you soon in your shoes dropped.    
t é fast.


you are a pro in procrastinate. ” Ok, next week I start é cht é, ” claim your while you with a bag of chips on the couch  

going to fail. That grave almonds come out your nose in the meantime. Including those salads and carrots.   Bah! a half bite of a cake France ü rlich  


not qualify. wet the will is there. To go to the gym to go. The problem, however, is that there is good and the bank é é t t fun trash-tv on the program.   preferably eat everything you know everything. So also those who are still on the kitchen counter is ketchup spilled dollop.   Wedding do you eat yoghurt with cruesli, each morning to one of your healthfreak-girlfriends tells that Granola is not healthy at all. What?! Out of frustration you stop but

with your whole diet.

what (apparent) problem do you have always    

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