How to enter Yale


  1. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Get good grades while in high school. Once you have sent your application, the first thing you will see at Yale is your academic performance.


  2. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Challenge yourself with a difficult during high school college preparatory curriculum. Since Yale is a University in the Ivy League, admissions officers are looking for students who have demonstrated that they can survive a heavy academic load.

  3. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Take the SAT or ACT several times during your first and last year to improve your chances of getting the highest possible score. Although the main concern of Yale academic, admissions officers will also examine your grades. Yale does not usually accept students who obtained less than 700 in any part of the SAT or who obtained less than 30 in the ACT.

  4. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Get involved in activities outside of school. Yale examines the history of employment seekers, extracurricular activities and community involvement. Whenever possible, assume leadership roles in your activities.

  5. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Fills the common application and complement of Yale. You can fill out both in line to visit the common application web site. You pay the charge the application with a credit card or electronic check.

    • You can also download and mail these forms to Yale, but the vast majority of the applicants presented them in line. Yale address is Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University, PO Box 208235, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8234. It includes a check or a Money Order in the name of Yale University.
  6. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Asked 2 of your teachers who write a personalized letter of recommendation for you. Teachers can send cards online using a link that you can provide the common application website.

    • Yale will be looking for recommendations that highlight your performance in class, as well as your energy, motivation, relationship with your classmates from class, intellectual curiosity, and the impact on your environment in class.
  7. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Ask your high school counselor to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf and your official high school transcript. The recommendation should help Yale to understand the difficulty of your classes in high school, as well as general information about your background, including any leadership role that you have taken.

  8. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Upload online your results of the SAT or ACT through the common application web site. Visit standardized testing page on the web site of Yale University to determine whether the program to which you are applying requires any other test.

  9. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Ask your high school counselor to submit a mid-year report through the common application web site as soon as your grades from the first semester of last year are available. Yale wants to make sure applicants to maintain a high level of academic success during his senior year.

  10. Cómo entrar a Yale

    Wait until 3 weeks after submitting your application, by an email from Yale University that has instructions to configure your account of Eli. The email will be sent to the address you included in your application. You can use your Eli account to find out which documents Yale has received and to check the status of your application.


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