Like new trolley, nails as new: the Girls Only-garage

you know the drill: do you drive with your limo to the garage, start that mechanics too laugh when they see you. Such a female that does not know why that one light is blinking, haha! Avoid this kind of scenes? Go to the Girls Only-



you should get a kilo meter or 500 for driving, but then you have what. Boy. In Paris you’ll find since a month a car garage specifically for women, know The Local telling us. Who on earth goes there? Half female Eiffel city. And that’s not without reason.  

Girls Only ” If you get in a garage as a woman, it is like if you loser have   on your forehead, ” says the 42-year-old Sandrine Hautenne, very happy customer of the Girls Only-garage. She is a time with her car to three different garages, but they also got there three different quotes. When she sent out her uncle, prices were much lower. Fortunately, this with the women garage past. Tell female mechanics there extended what’s going on your sledge saves, so you know what you pay for. Also repair them nothing more than necessary. Look.
that we must have.

A good customer service is not the only why the women save the Parisiennes on hollow let garage. From your car seat roll your so the beauty salon in which they have made in a corner of the garage. There you go relax on one of the sofas are to receive a massage or to do your nails, while the candles flicker in the rustic space around you. What you do with any jengel children does? That drop you in the games space, because Yes, that is  

ó ó k. there

Gender marketing Products based on gender is also called gender marketing called. It’s been a real trend in Japan and England and calls very through in sport clubs, insurance and the creditcardbusiness. Maareh, is offering services such as a women not a Mel autogarage stereotype-fixing? You might say that would get a lot of companies, but as of yet, and they not only. For women with a technical course is the Girls Only-garage for example a breath of fresh air. So the French Aurore Dabireau three years studied mechanics, but could not to the FRY: ” I was told that I do not In garages heard. ” Women In the garage she has that kind of expressions do not suffer and submit them with pleasure from how a car works. They are happy, the forty customers that the dealer so far  

has had happy.

the women garage: beautiful initiative or heavy

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