10 x professions from hell


N t if you think you are the allerzieligste person on Earth and life really-not-heavier-can (sigh …), it appears there is always someone who has it harder than you. But



Because: a job as a McDonalds-employee very? No not at all. There are people who have stood for hotter fires. Check out this  

jobs now!

So you have a shit job?   Think twice…    10 x professions from hell
It can always get worse (or higher).    10 x professions from hell because you can always still be.   animal feed tester Or you hang from 9 to 5 under zwoksels. It’s part of the job of a deodorant tester.    10 x professions from hell or you will be a walking scrotum.  10 x professions from hell
Or you catch the sperm on    

solo’s horses.

or you’re mascot   in a children’s park with usually not as mascot-friendly kids.   or coffee mascot on a (usually rainy) motorway.  
It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it …



you hell seems what job?

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