What glasses fit your face shape?

glasses is anno 2014 not only functional, but also a true modemusthave. But how do you wear such a kekke Viewer on a fashionable way? And what glasses fit your face shape?  

are you a loyal lenses carrier? Let your lenses a day float in their box and choose for glasses. Glasses is nowadays an indispensable fashion accessory, ó ó k for the non-lenses-carriers. The only question is: which should you choose? Which frame suits your face shape and which brand offers a pleasant price? Do you know the brand Vogue? Eva Mendes shines in the new campaign with the most beautiful gems. In addition, sells the Eyewear brand glasses with fine price tags! Starting at 139 € do you have a correction frame scored, so feel free to step at the opticians to within and see how you can create a completely different look with glasses.  
 what glasses fit your face shape?
  What glasses fit your face shape? But, before that happens, it is nice to know what frame fits best with your face shape. Because Mrs. Mendes may might be blessed with a glasses head where é lke glasses nicely listed, but surely we should first do some research, we want to know which frame the most beautiful state. That is why we have the different forms with corresponding glasses listed.


square face do you have pronounced cheekbones, a broad forehead and an angular jaw? Then do you have most likely   a square face. We recommend glasses with round and oval shapes, these soften the somewhat harder pulling your face shape. Choose rather not for a square glasses, this will intensify the tougher draw right.  

the same face shape: Celebs with Cameron Diaz



round face if you have a round face, you have a full face where the length and width about the same. You need both a round Chin as her line, and your face is at its widest at the cheeks.   even with a round face shape you should choose a frame which contrasts. Choose so instead of a round, an angular glasses. Preferably one that is narrow. This makes your face a little longer and narrower.     the same face shape: Celebs with Emma Stone, Kelly Clarkson  

 what glasses fit your face shape?
heart shaped face you have a wider forehead and your chin is noticeably sharper than the rest of your face. The widest point of your face is approximately at the same height as your ears. This description is right for you? Then do you have a heart shaped face. Choose in this case for a pilot-or rimless glasses. Not a fan of the rimless glasses? Choose one with a very nice frame.Celebrities with the same face shape:

  Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes  

If you face an elongated Oblong face, you have a long and narrow face. The width at the forehead is about as wide as at the cheekbones. This form is a round or square glasses the most beautiful. These forms ensure that your face seems shorter. Are you a lady with guts? Go for a bigger frame, it will make you fit   Celebrities with the same face shape: Sarah Jessica Parker
oval face do you have an oval face? Then you are a lucky bastard. This form is considered the ideal shape! At the oval face shape is the jaw line a ietsepietsie more closely than the width of your face in your sleep. The cheekbones are the widest point of your face and jaw line has been completed.   This form is usually symmetrical and combines with most frames. Lucky you!Celebrities with the same face shape: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez
Diamond shaped face do you have wide cheekbones but on the other hand, a narrow forehead and a somewhat narrower Chin? Then do you have a diamond shaped face. This form is an oval frame the most beautiful at you. Also a glass glasses without edge is recommended. You’ll steal the show!:     with the same face shape Celebrities Reese Witherspoon curious about the new collection correction frames of Vogue? Take a look at the collection online, and then search the store locator at which optici ë n the spectacle frames for sale!
what is your face shape? And which glasses

is your favorite? what glasses fit your face shape?

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