The most glamorous footballers in the They-team

Outdoor game or free kick: it will take us to our Orange ass rust, the only reason to watch the World Cup, we are of course all those pretty sweaty men. Regardless of Jersey number or country: we welcome for the next voetbalhunks! The role of national coach   If we are allowed to take up, we had a whole different team than Louis Gaal’s of all of us. Because we have lots of sense of football players … # 1: Ezequiel Lavezzi Ezequiel Lavezzi has of course many football qualities, but we can especially appreciate his image as a rough-hewn. We see him with beard and hope on a hairy appearance of him in Brazil ë.Position: ë In the AanvallerSpeelt actually They selection for: Argentina because He …   his beautiful chocolate brown eyes tightly focused on the ball and any Defender with his speed of afschudt. So we have good visibility default on his tight buttocks. Iker Casillas
# 2: In our selection are quite a few Spaniards. They can do nothing, because in Spain they are already attractive at birth. This also applies to Iker Casillas. He is seen as the best goalkeeper of all time – and also the handsomest.
Position: goalkeeper Actually plays for: … the selection because They Span jeIn-He hypnotizes with his sultry look the ball and so many a goal knows to stop. Well, if we had been, layers, we also like a ball in his hands.  

# 3: Sebastian Larsson

This football God is blonde and has a condition where importance. Both qualities that do not look out of place on the field, but we also like to see in a potential ë le partner. Unfortunately, Sebastian already occupied and he has a child. We call it therefore gladly to football father of the year.

position: Midfielder

Actually plays for: … ZwedenIn the selection because They-he was the only non-Dutchman a head with blond hair and who consequently perfectly fits in the team.     # 4: Gerard Pique é We know his lovely wife Shakira belly dancing of course of her hits, but Gerard Pique é also has enough talent. On the field he shines just as strong as Shakira on stage. And if we have to choose, we prefer to Pique. position: VerdedigerSpeelt actually They selection for the prestressed jeIn because He … little error can do with his nonchalant Crest and full lips. We would reward him as coach at each victory with an intense long kiss.   # 5: Cesc Fabregas he seems be laddish (read: babyface), but on the field he shows what kind of man he really is. If the light is so fast, he plays the ball effortlessly to his fellow players that can score with his tight for boosts.Position: MiddenvelderSpeelt actually They selection for the prestressed jeIn because … he scores itself little, but at least he scores with us if it arrives on his looks. He is doing us a little thought to Rafael van der Vaart, but then the Spanish version.   # 6: little is known about Yoann Gourcuff, Yoann Gourcuff but important is that he not only plays like a King, but that he is also easy with its lush brown hair for Prince might continue.Position: MiddenvelderSpeelt actually They selection for FrankrijkIn the …: because he seems to play football on feeling. And since we ladies real emotional people are, of course, a man so can not in the team are missing.   # 7: Jermain Defoe as a second attacker in our team we would like to choose for Jermain Defoe. This English footballer plays with class, just as we are used to that of the English. Teammate David Beckham may rete-known, we learn more about Jermain also like.Position: AanvallerSpeelt actually They selection for EngelandIn the …: as a little boy He was already useful because with the ball and with his naughty grin we forgive him every missed penalty.   # 8: Carlos Bocanegra Carlos makes us a little of our own Nick, Nick and Simon’s. And who wants him now not in the team? In addition to his handsome appearance, of course he plays a good game of football. Also important of course.Position: VerdedigerSpeelt actually They selection for AmerikaIn the …: This Mexican è for his voetbalcarri because has re studied yet and can tell you everything about history and geography. Handsome, intelligent sigh …   é n # 9: Glen Johnson In 2010, he played his first World Cup this year and hopefully he will score enough to be allowed to do again in a few years. If it were up to us, is Glen always more than welcome. Sure because he gives all the credits his mother for his successful carri è re. We love him already.Position: VerdedigerSpeelt actually They selection for EngelandIn the …  : because He is both left and right legs. Which means he can be everywhere and we love Edelman, multifunctional men.   Olivier Giroud is the # 10: Olivier Giroud hipster under the football players. If only for his ducktail haircut he with lots of gel paste to the side. Very licked, like his soccer game. But he is not as vain as a Cristiano Ronaldo, what we very appreciate.Position: AanvallerSpeelt actually FrankrijkIn the … for She-selection because He: known for its powerful goals. With a lot of noise and violence kicks it that ball with 130 kilometers per hour just d ó r ó the net.   # 11: Fabian Johnson In 2011, the German Fabian Johnson his debut in the football team of America. He is not only good in defense, but he has also proven itself already a tip be able to score when needed. We like.Position: VerdedigerSpeelt actually AmerikaIn the … for She-selection because He: despite its wide jawline, yet very sweet and gentle looks. But in the meantime he nice spicy once he gets onto the field runs. voetbalhunk     For which you welcome the hardest during the World Cup?

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