An accident is in a small corner

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of the greatest fears of a mother is to é ven not paying attention and that your child not that you get it his or her fingers in the mains, somersaults on the stairs or a pan over his or her head  
get. don’t get me wrong: sure I do not want my daughter falls and a thick bump on her head gets. In any case, I would prefer wish they never will experience pain in her life – both physically and mentally. But we all know that that is impossible. And everyone has it could be against someone said: ‘ that makes you hard of. ‘ or if you have experienced in your life, a klotesituatie that people say: ‘ ‘ from There you come stronger. at that time is that the l á last á what you want to hear, but there is perhaps some truth in.  


of sugar that is why I have never so on mothers who with their child dealing as if he or she of sugar is. Mothers who have their little toddler c nstant-ó but then really c nstant-ó and entrust him or her not to friends and acquaintances.   Sure do you want your little baby nothing comes across. But a trap with a crying baby and a bump on his or her head as a result. Is that really that bad? Probably it is good; He or she comes there at one point behind that you can go through life not always flierefluitend but must pay attention.   Bam! I had a situation last also as .   While I was playing with my daughter, I was called by a friend that I had to be here to speak to é cht. I took up and turned – literally 5 seconds. And indeed, of course she fell just t ó and from scratch, with her head against the table. They screeched like never before. I quickly hung on: I was a bit panicked! My dear daughter had hurt herself because I just wasn’t paying attention. Full of guilt I called my friend who cooled down me. Or our daughter, behaved normally, still on the cry after.  

” Uh..
” Yes? ” well, then there is no problem at all ” , he replied.
    Fortunately I always fall and punches gel of VSM Child in the House. Really a magic bullet, couple of days good mold release and away was the bump and bruise. Within no time was our daughter happy

to playing.


for me this was a confirmation. For indeed: children should be just hurt every now and then to know where their boundaries lie.What do you think: agree or disagree?

 an accident is in a small corner  an accident is in a small corner

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