The 7 worst love advice

Often about good between you and your friend, but every now and then you have a little love advice needed. Fortunately there that one girlfriend. To whom you, if they omit the following 7 bad love advice, quiet  

can listen. Love advice needed, but doubt you where you should listen to? We can tell you: there are opinions that are absolutely in one ear and out the other ear again. Read and shudder.  

Make it out in one way or another, women always have the idea that once you are unreachable,    , men as a kind of lyrical Tarzan after you run. Now there is nothing wrong with that in order to remain a little exciting, of course. But to well to take the advice of your girlfriend Kitty to make it out, so he suddenly sees what he’s missing and goes like a mad beagle to your pant leg hang out? Think twice. This is not Dawson’s Creek, this is planet Earth and most men who like to walk around, find ‘ from ‘ just ‘ off ‘. Truncate the relationship cold because you hopes he then suddenly called attention to the continuous answering your 3000 WhatsApp messages per day, is anything but effective.  


Let you hear anything about three days after the date Radio silence after a fun date. Also such a thing. ‘ If you’ve had a date, you need three days nothing heard. Rather send a message is too fast. ” we Ze’s scare of this, boys and girls. What happened to confident happen to you? ‘ I liked it Freek, and if it were up to me, we do so again soon about. ‘ Hop. Nothing difficult and nothing to claimerigs. But we have to come up, than many a lady imitating a fist for three days between our teeth we and do we especially like we have not checked WhatsApp 99 times (‘ maybe-ie to the exhausts are now bouvier ‘). Meanwhile he gets at that silence his shoulders, rumble-ie ‘ will do ‘ and thinks-ie: next. So: don’t be so difficult, send something fun and see how he responds. And that applies to him as well.

pretend you have another in mind you have a nice relationship, but there is according to you é é n point: he is not jealous. And so he keeps not é cht from you. Your girlfriend Kitty finds this superlogisch and also advises you to pretend you have another in mind. Then comes your lover stuck directly into action. Our experiences with men who were supposedly threatened by another monkey? This reaction, ” well, you go right to h é m? ‘ Yes. You are, with your good behavior. Give him his sentence once é é Frederick and you know its been, say, a quarter of a century together and want to try something new. There has ë n Frederick only other idea than you about. And now you’re afraid he’ll leave, and bored if you fringed berenpak a bird’s nest with him does. What your girlfriend Kitty on it says? ‘ Maid, give him é é n time sense. He is happy and he finds you no boring hat, you happy because you would have tried something new. Who knows it will be v l é é more fun than you think! ‘ Yes. Not so. Because something is in advance already do not like it when person will hate you and you don’t have anything against your will in doing so. So, how sweet you Frederik tijgerpak, also lets you with sequins lie nice links. And Kitty too.Take a lover are you not happy more in a relationship, but do you also not immediately away from him? ‘ Oh well, then you take a lover? ‘ really heard. No joke. In the eyes of some people, the d é solution. Nothing talking, bonding, or couples therapy, no, an affair is the key to a brilliant relationship. While he’s in your Office, you go during your break complete with Kevin in a motel bed, tension tightening of Second Love. Then you are namely the evening if you recharged again with your real beloved to the brown beans has to be. You happy, he’s happy. Except when he finds out that his beefbus is not the only one who sometimes in Tuna Town parked.  


say you are pregnant the way to bind him to your as-ie away from you want? Say you are pregnant. At the idea of a baby of yours é n him in your belly, decides to stay with you and spontaneously-ie like crazy to the Praxis to tear.   Not. Tell him that you are pregnant to save your relationship, allows for a greater fall than that of the Titanic. Erachterkomt as-ie that you lied, you’re acid: not only rent-ie for the homeland away from you, also you can from then on at all by the ‘ ‘ freak of the universe.Also do not threaten with revenge if you Mr. Not-so-right when you want to keep: to do something very frightening danger if he at you leave. Swear that you are getting late Cabrio plats ( ‘ I still know what guys ‘) or if he is a member, will his gerbil beheads but for é é n thing concerns: an even greater desire for its rush to pack and letting you drains.What was the worst love advice what you ever received?

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