Hilarious or worrisome: the new women’s disease porexia

We women have

with a lot of ailments dealing. An orange skin, hangjetsers, cracked heels, chicken breasts and so on. But there is another issue where we women make us worry about: our pore size, in other words, almost half of the women   porexia. is convinced that they would have too big a pori ë n. Wrinkles a big deal? No, one in three women is getting more concerned about her pore size-which we then volplamuren with goeddekkende foundation. 23% prefer skipt alcoholic drinks in Exchange for smaller pori ë n, 17% would do away with Facebook and other social media, and 11% feel free to leave her razor fall in Exchange for less visible pori ë n, according to a recent research by L’Oreal Paris among more than 2000 women.


Porexia   The culprits of large pori n? Pimples and the Sun, but also genetics, dirt, oil and dead skin cells play a large role. The obsession for the pore size in some women is so great, that dermatologists – porexia – hold on the the have given name. This obsession begins at many ladies early on. According to this dermatologists begin the pore concerned at an age between 15 and 22.   So a selfie? No way. E é n in ten women is so aware of her small craters that they even a-Yes, yes-selfie has avoided. If you do, use a filter (about filter) 19% to to hide her g ê ne, reports Daily Mail.  

  Dr. Debra Jaliman short-lived

, spokeswoman for the research, says: ” products that contain substances such as vitamin A provide smaller pori ë n, but only of short duration. ” Also prescribed medications would have only a temporary effect, however, a laser treatment would be permanently can help. Also she says: ” No worries ladies: a large majority of men admits our huge pore size never to have seen. ” Fahd   Deal with this women’s … you minor ailment?

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