15 reasons why you are ripe for founded

You love crazy. You hang just barely not upside down in front of your computer at the Office, but you is now known as the village idiot. Every day is april 1st for you and the motto ‘ do but won’t go not for you on.   If the people around you and yourself also secretly-not better would know, you sometimes really in a straitjacket being off. OK é, that might be a bit exaggerated, but admit, sometimes you’re a little weird. A little bit. Because you are ripe for the …   was founded, because … you while taking minutes of an important meeting, but just about all the words not meemompelt cries out, not knowing that everyone around you come to a halt and you stares at her. This happens pretty much every day.   … you on a complete bad day completely by the Ribbon can go as that float bitch for you on her tricycle still doesn’t understand the concept of ‘ green ‘ and you have to wait longer for n ó g.  

period also outside your … your red strawberries in the meat juice baptizes while you a dry cracker with peanut butter and salami is a food –   … you every dirty word. POO, pee, can’t suppress a smile almost – pecker.   … you yourself ever Googlet monitors the entire internet, but who, what, when something is said about you. And you also on the same CSI way Tinder-crush ‘ follows ‘.   … then you almost pass out if you go through extra research finds out he lives nearby. And you therefore your daily bicycle route 3 km let dodging to encounter him as ‘ accidentally ‘.   … you are so desperate to be like mother and you therefore still secretly with the Baby Born of your niece play as she is not looking.   … you not only talk to your rabbit/hamster/Canary, but gives him the royal treatment every day that you would give your own children not even. Because ‘ ie you understand like no one else does.

  your resounding Yes says if someone asks if you know yourself well. Wet ú ú rately, you’re talking every day with your image.   … you on a bored Saturday the phone always picks up and people gasping is harassment. Because it can.   … you once you’re in another part of the country, as the local accent takes over. … your   during a shop session in an unknown city ever pretend you American/English and you let the poor saleswoman dabbling with her poor English once you a difficult question. On Purpose. … your   a few times a day ‘ what ‘ calls because you think someone you called or something said to you. So that’s voetencr è     … you never been. me on your face smears because you believe that it moisturizes your skin much better.   … you secretly quite like if your finger in the door, because he then ‘ naklopt ‘ still so delicious.   … you are reading an article about why you belong in the asylum and you recognize yourself in everything.What are you doing you crazy things for which others might sometimes crazy?

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