The World Cup experience: men versus women

While your friend already two hours before the match Netherlands p Gowda’s sweat, have you only makes sense in: every reason to party! During the match he sits crying in front of the tv and you know takes care of the snacks. Apparent? experience the World Cup  
men and women that is completely different, according to research by Jillz. (You know, that brand of those tasty, alcoholic apple cider with always nice men in advertising.) The survey shows that 4 in 10 women still not even half of the competition notice, because they are busy with other things is – Yes, those snacks so for example.


want to see how men and women experience the World Cup? View here the Jillz-video!



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 the world cup experience: men versus women  the world cup experience: men versus women  the world cup experience: men versus women

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