ZeTest: the Nintendo game Tomodachi Life

do you know the Game Boy yet? So do we. And retefanatiek that we were! We have a lot of hours af ge-Tretis-t. But while we were holding it at the Game Boy, put the Nintendo- 

developments continues. There are

in recent years quite a few new versions of this toy on the market: compact, 3D, 3DS XL, with camera; everything came in. And now if we, as a-techies to the max, test a new game on the Nintendo  


  2DS: Tomodachi


.-watte? The Tomo-watte? The Tomodachi Life. A new Nintendo game in which you can create your own world ë ren. On the island of – which is your property is é é – State zelfgecre – ë erde apartment n in which your characters with their own looks, character and even custom votes – living and life. In addition, there are also a dozen other buildings, some under construction, on your island. To think of a supermarket, clothing store and watch tower. Really all activities and situations are possible and no game-day is the same. From weddings to changing the Interior, and of giving food and gifts to the locking of friendships. What is the intention of the game? Your MIIS such happy, that you earn more and level for level promotes.  

 ZeTest: the Nintendo game Tomodachi Life    
The island They no sooner said than done. Our – on ë erde Kimberly cre the Hello Kitty-pink Nintendo   a – Ze-island and her apartment was soon filled with KarinZe, FleurZe and MarleenZe. How to stars in their new place? Thick fine! There were FleurZe and KimZe were closed, thick friendships girlfriends KimZe and MarleenZe the balls and laughed out of their pants because they talked about ‘ ‘ funny things. There were games played as Memory, and Karin? Who ate a pizza   Who gave birth to her as well., that we have a level move up. In short: a game you deals, and fine can be played during your lunch break or evening with a grey light before bedtime  



do you have the game already tried out? Would you like to play?  

‘m ZeTest: the Nintendo game Tomodachi Life  ZeTest: the Nintendo game Tomodachi Life  ZeTest: the Nintendo game Tomodachi Life

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