8 intangible birthday gifts

birthdays or other parties: it is sometimes but tricky. Because what you give, for heaven’s sake? You with a gift certificate arrive? No! In fact, you don’t have to give something tangible. 8 view, immaterial incentives? ë le presents. It’s that time again: your lover or friend’s birthday. You try to think of something fun since August, but nowhere you can find something. Stop searching: there are also fun to give gifts, immaterial incentives? ë le. Presents that a real gesture shapes. And those are worth á á l what helem. We gathered there 8!  
many people like the Surprise party, but not everyone gets it: a surprise party. Why not? Because you don’t like your friends can expect they can smell that you have such a game of would, and if you control it, it’s no surprise more. But now you can make all the difference for that one girlfriend, by giving her a real surprise party, offer. Drum all her friends on to in time to be at place X X and lok Telma thither with a brilliant excuse. She comes inside, it’s silent and … SURPRISE! Oh, the look on her face! Basically, it just

a gift for yourself.

most all-inclusive day love it: completely pampered. And you don’t have to cost a lot! Surprise your friend with a full day for him or her. Bring breakfast in bed, take him or her to your favourite hotspot for a delicious cake and then go do something where he or she is crazy about. Naturally you off with a breakfast dinner by you (or a catering company, if you’ve got any egg can cook) and a cocktail or five.  
Striptease With yet another boxer at your lover arrive, you don’t want more. But yes, what do you give then? It’s not that hard, though. You should only ú rven as d. Give him a striptease, complete with 60 layers of clothing and of course a super spunky set underneath. Corsets, stockings and a Moulin Rouge-coupe do the tric. Lok Mr. Boyfriend to your House and guide him through a path of candles and rose petals (go big or go home) to your boudoir, where you know with the most alluring look in your eyes is waiting for him. He will never forget.   ó It ó. n

every day a note well, you need either some stuff, but the idea behind this gift is anything but material. Write some notes for someone dear to you. On each note you write a beautiful or sweet message. You can choose to 31 notes to write so someone can read a note every day for a month, but more can, of course, always. Sale after writing the notes a pretty jar and do the notes in there. Pimp the pot (for example with washitape), pack it in and voil à: a pot where you can get a note from girlfriend every day. A pot luck, so!

Self-penned number
Huge romantic and very special: a self-written song for your lover or one of your best friends. Of course it is intended that you also sings the song, possibly with an instrument there, if you that plays. Not such a nachtegaaltje? Make a beautiful poem!

Back to the old days used to do you and your soul mate the continuous: on Friday night, wear a mask to gain toenails, baking chips devour and most terrifying thrillers look. In the meantime it awhile, but what would be nice to relive old times. Just do this! Go with your best friend back in time and organize an evening like that from 2001. Farm-fresh concern for two separate COTS in your living room, save tasty drinks and your all time favorite snacks in and put pulletjes a warehouse to curse from scrubs to wear a mask. Pile movies there and relive old times but!Adoption animal
would you like to do a critter gift é your lover or BFF n do something good for the world? Virtually adopt an animal! Through some agencies you can adopt all kinds of animals for a certain amount per year, and this doesn’t have to be expensive. What about a polar bear, monkey or rhino? Often you get a certificate, also at adopting your girlfriend that the owner of the beast are. Of course it’s adopting such a animal symbolic: the polar bear remains just on the North Pole. Is the one for whom you are looking for a gift not such a animal fan, but more a nature lover? Parts of nature, such as a piece of wad, you can also give.Have you ever given an intangible gift? Zo ja, wat?

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