5 workouts for while watching tv

with the holiday coming up, we have to be really to believe: the Bikini. And because we are still not fit for summer, but hang on the couch chocoladevretend, are we going to really get to work.  



the tv. the motivation to not grab a candy bar every evening is there. What is still lacking is the only motivation to sweating in the gym to toil. Ohmygosh, because there are too many great tv shows in the Guide. That is why we gathered nice n effective workouts for é during the drama  
  between Maxime and Janine
jumping rope you need is – how surprising – a jump rope, possibly a sports mat and bl Roger è ran. Ready?
Work-out go!

1 minute with two feet on the rope jumping. You jump é  
é n times per spin. 1 minute run on the spot while you run the rope remains by.

the so-called

1 minute jumping jacks (without rope!). These are the jumps you make while you spread your legs and arms alternately and closed  
1 minute does. jump over the rope, again with two feet and this time raised ë n

during the jump.

1 minute jump sideways, please notice that you

your feet together.é n é

1 minute jumping on foot, alternately!
é é n jump again per spin.

1 minute run on the spot and run with the rope (this may result in an 8-pattern).
1 minute jumping jacks without rope.

1 minute jumping rope with two feet,

é é n turn per jump.

1 minute jumping rope with two feet, é é n

, twice turning jump.

where it is good for is: calves, thighs, shoulders, back, arms é n – oh happy day – abdominal muscles.  

Dipping By dipping you train your triceps. Your triceps are located at the back of your upper arms. A well-known repository for female fat (chicken breasts!) and therefore it is quite important to train the triceps. The only thing you need is a


Work-out stool.

Go sit on the stool, then slide forward while your hands shoulder-width grip – – on the stool. Put your feet firmly down, make sure your toes at the ceiling point out, bend your elbows and let yourself be governed pockets. Come back up again and repeat this several times then
Where   is the good for.:  

chicken breasts! Squats
Who has outwardly never has heard of squats, lived under a rock. Squats are namely   at all hip and happening. Why? Because the exercise burns the fat around the legs and buttocks. And as icing on the cake also trains the muscles for a bunch of    

  killerlegs. Here we go!  

Work-out How you perform this exercise? Starting with a good starting position. You start from a standing position with your feet a little wider than your shoulder width. Keep your hands stretched forward and your back straight to slightly concave. Bag then slowly through your knee ë n until your thighs horizontal. During this movement will keep you always look ahead! Try to hold this position for about 5 seconds then go slowly up. Repeat this exercise several times.    
Where   is the good for:  

legs and   buttocks. bootylicious

another one for Forward Lunges during RTL Boulevard. And, he looks easier than that-ie is. To make the exercise you can use heavier weights
. Work-out stand straight with your feet hip width and your hands on your hips. Then step forward with your right leg and bag slowly down until your right knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. It is intended that not just your rear knee hit the ground. Then push yourself back to the starting position and repeat the exercise with your left leg  
where it is good for is.:         killerlegs.

for a couple Seated Rotation

Amenities: a sports mat and endurance. Because admittedly, the Seated Rotation requires stamina  
. Go sit on the floor with your legs forward. Your knee ë n are slightly bent and your heels lift your a few inches above the ground on. whether in an angle of 45 degrees Lean slightly and tighten your abdominal muscles to. Stretch your arms out (for your chest) and keep your palms together. Slowly rotate your upper body to the right, then back again (pause), and to the left. Repeat this exercise several times.


where it is good for is:  


the abdominal muscles.


you going to try? what exercise

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