The best father-daughter moments

Formerly wanted you to marry him, because he was the very picture of the world: your father. Every day you are of course happy with him, but we think back with nostalgia to the earlier on father’s day. Because …   … remember that you stood on his feet if you guys went dancing together?   … that he always your band stuck, how often you also by the glass shards reed? And he then itself you learned to do, but you never did this so he had to do it myself but again?   … that he’ll retrieve came after each party? For the door, because the whole of g ê nant was.  

… that he pecked away effortlessly and each error boyfriend him during the evening meals in the form of a cross-examination that he   … you helped your subjugated? financial ë n in order when you just got your first salary, but was short on cash every month? And then he stopped you sneaky money, the treasure. You   … that he moved from room to room and always enthusiastic about that mold kitchens and dust bunnies in the living room?   … that he painted Saturday weather in so your wall if you’ve Own Home and garden-bui was?   … that he secretly still does all the chores at home? Light …   … floor laying there replaced here, that you have at your eighteenth still at him on lap if and could sit?   … that he used always plane with you played? And dancing?   … you in vain that he learned fishing and you first held such a slippery beast in your hands?   … that he could chase away all the insects with his bare hands and your room in no time spin-and mugloos was?

  that you ate together standard p If your mother was not there? The sweetheart could not distinguish a ladle of spatula.   … that he learned your coffee drink? But first with lots of milk and even more sugar.   … that he proudly about your wonderful figures told if there was visiting family? … that he   you taught cycling without training wheels?   … that his bedtime stories were secretly the nicest? The total actually because he could not.   … that you could Frolic together afternoons behind? And always ended up with, right, the Tickle death.   … that he is always a good word for you did on the PTA meeting? He always came for you on if it had to.   … that he could comfort you pretty good? On his own clumsy, Dad-like fashion.   … that he could do spontaneous things that sometimes all you completely surprised was?   what did your father used to always making you right back in time would like?

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