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whether you’re pounds superfood eat or a yoga class every day follows: your body is a temple and there make you good for. Say you there a resounding amen on organic? Then the organic lifestyle festival EkoTown what for you!   Organic, ecological or simply good food: as long as our rumbling maagje is filled, you can hear us not complain. At all if what we put in our mouths is not only good for our bodies, but also good for the environment. After all these thud chicken and E-numbers are we to it. Because your conscience is pretty lulled if you know that your piece of meat has had a good life, right?No more geitenwollensokken   where it used another bamaku-idea was totally hip in 2014, is organic food. Very logical, because it’s just very good for you. Especially in combination with a bit of sports, the everything your body needs to be healthy.   Yoga, bootcamp or a solid every day on the cycle to work. We are happy and fit, move where we then again even happier for it. That includes our Marleen. After wedding her yoga classes to have followed, she is firm body attack workouts. If they do not join to a bootcamp. Edelman, Yes?

 WIN: 2 x 2 tickets for EkoTown

EkoTown the bootcamp was organized by EkoTown. Eko-watte? The first organic lifestyle festival in Netherlands. During this two-day festival on the Arena   in the Amsterdamse Bos Park on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 June, can you as a sports fan and foodie a whole weekend visit. You may collect the most delicious cuisine, recipes, get involved with yoga sessions or follow a bootcamp. And if you’ve eaten your fill and delicious have sweated, you can equip with delicious live performances by, among others, Niels Geusebroek, Van Dik Hout and Tangarine.   Sweating, sweating and sweating well, back to the bootcamp. After a nice morning workout along the canals of Amsterdam was a superfood breakfast promised. Enough reasons for me, Marleen, to get me to make up for the fight. Wondering how the training went? View this movie!  


you get now spontaneous sense to yourself also in a bootcamp to collapse? Or enjoy healthy and delicious food? Then we have good news. Because we must give away tickets on behalf of EkoTown   2 x 2! Grind your foodtastic girlfriend or your lover who did what biological eetlesjes can use and enjoy a whole day of sports, performances and good, but especially good food.We may make happy readers win two, each with 2 cards for EkoTown. We give 2 tickets for a.s. Saturday June 21 June 22,     and 2 cards for Sunday off. What you have to do? By     on Facebook to like Them .nl. Then click the   meedoenbutton. Simple right?   Please note that the giveaway lasts until Thursday 19 June 2014, so be quick!

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