On diet? Your friends might be dead and be dead tired of you!

what we do today? Eat cake. With sugar, 86 E-numbers and 65990 dyes. Why? Because we g é k are of the healthy-eating-hype. Are you healthy working? Your friends can there, like us, sometimes quite tired of be!

Look. We are not the lulligsten of them. If someone chooses to at lunch to three lettuce leaves and lemon to go ¼ disk: fine. But if we piss or not with a white tip and enjoy three paste coconut bread. You know, that we eat this. And so it should, right? More than half of the women who are on a diet and eat healthily, thinks otherwise, reports Daily Mail. Research by The Simply Great Drinks Company shows that 56% of the women who on a short cauliflower Chews, a ‘ food bore ‘ is: these ladies make their dead tired with their diet stories friends and sermons.

Good calorie to E-number: more than half of female di ë ters can hardly stop talking about anything to do with that diet has to do. But where did they get it exactly about? This is the
top 10: 1.

what they have eaten recently;2.

what they have eaten and drunk in a day;

ë n

3. calorie;4. good é


bad food and drinks;5. how much you should drink alcohol

6. how much fat there is in

a product;


the sugar content of a product;8. health risks associated with certain

consumptions connected;


how you

might follow a similar diet;




you may ask: isn’t it logical that you talk about these topics, if you are on a diet? The answer: not if you know what the consequences are. So much talk about (the benefits and dangers of) food, can have serious consequences for your friendships with others.  

Consequences of the 2000 women who entered the investigation, gave 6 in 10 women that their diet not only dominated all discussions, but also their lives. Three-quarters of these women claims that they allow this, so that they really can keep to the diet. Here are their friends just not as happy with it: 35% of their dirt bikes, cars, bypasses the di ë in, because this part feels guilty about his own food as they listen to the healthfreak. Another 45% let certain foods as the di ë in is around, because he or she is likely to than a sermon will stand out. And there tastes you

a bit less tasty kalua of.


What do you think: should fanatical di ë ters keep their diet mainly to himself, or should they just be able to say what they want?

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