How do you wear … the plissérok?


skirt with pleats is back this season. Old Fashioned? Really not. Because if you hempje this ü bervrouwelijke skirt with a simple or a tough jack combines, he is suddenly very cool!

Pliss – é skirts have been a bad reputation because: they are considered by many to be little flattering and make you poorly-rated – but that is completely unjustified. In fact, anyone can wear the skirt é pliss. As long as you find a length that fits well with your figure. Our fashion baby fashion scene explains how it’s done.



pop of color Look 1: Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima goes for a long version of the pliss é skirt, which to the ankles can see. This length is great for tall women. Would you like to correct look longer? Go for a skirt with a high waist. Often it also helps at a long skirt to wear a cropped jacket or vest, which increases the waist. For example, like Adriana for a ‘    

‘ leather jacket cropped.

skirt, de Bijenkorf € 165
Imitation leather jacket, Nelly

€ 79.95

Sash, Mango € 19.99
Top €,

12.95 Zalando


Look 2: navy
in choosing the right skirt length é é n we know rule of thumb: let the zoom end up on the thinnest part of your lower leg. If you, like Miranda Kerr, right (to) have thin legs, then you let the zoom fall on your calves. Miranda combines her beautiful with a tough denim jacket. This contrast between classic and casual makes her look just what more interesting.  

€ 31.47 Zalando

€ Top, Supertrash 69,95

Jeans jacket, Nelly

€ 49.95

 , de Bijenkorf
Look € 119,95 3: casual chic
Kate Bosworth can with her slim figure of course each skirt to, but if you are blessed with a couple solid calves, then it is important that you choose a skirt length just below the knee (this length glossed over wide hips also very good). Your skirt is very bulky? Then choose a tight top or a subsequent jacket to the bag to avoid ‘ effect ‘. Yes, it can learn …  

some of Kate

skirt, H & M €


Boots, Asos

€ 42.25

wallet, Asos

€ 18,31

€ 21.95
Top, Nelly


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which look do you like most?

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