52 Challenge: challenge yourself!

Blogs come in many shapes and sizes. But sometimes blogs over, where you é cht happy and inspired by ge ï hits. Thus also of 52Challenge. nl: a year long each week a new challenge for the editorial board members.


high time so to find out more about this fine blog. Because what is 52 Challenge exactly and who have this set up? Esther: ” over a year ago I was sitting not so yummy in my sheet. I had no work, was always busy and ran myself constantly over. In my area I noticed that so many women went through life. From that thought is 52 Challenge emerged. I discussed this idea with two girlfriends and they too were immediately enthusiastic. The girls are recognized in the story of Esther and also wanted to tackle their lives. I have the blog, Lotte and Nadja when set up to just put that stretching. And that step further, which is exactly what we do for a year. We are now with seven bloggers. After a half-year we noticed the impact of our blog and we wanted to expand. So are David, Meghan, Laura and Nadia with us challenge-team. We write daily blogs about the challenges that we enter into with weekly  


ourselves. ”

the editor of 52 Challenge goal of 52 Challenge ” the goal of 52 Challenge for us personally is that we deal with our own lives. We have now stepped away from the routine of our lives and suits every where we encounter. Or that well about sports, nutrition, fashion or daily life goes. That does not matter. In addition to our personal big stick, we hope to be a motivator for our readers, ” says Esther from. ” We try to offer their always a handle to participate in a challenge, or a private challenge to enter. If it helps, you may email us, post a notice on the site, Facebooking, twittering, insta grams or write a blog. We want to contribute to the motivation of our with our blog readers. Together you stand so much stronger! ”  
types of challenges but what kind of challenges can we expect on 52Challenge. en? ” The challenges that we face are very diverse. It can really be anything. Clean up your room up to a half marathon. Challenges can also be much larger. For example, Marijke stopped smoking. After years addicted to have been, it has dropped the cigarettes in its first week. She’s still completely stopped. ”  
” The hardest challenge for me was the bleeding of the Nijmeegse vierdaagse ” , gives Esther far. ” even though I was walking that months had trained, 160 kilometres an extreme challenge. That kind of extreme challenges are absolutely the most difficult challenges that you can think of. Those things that you thought you they might not and you still manages to bring to a successful conclusion. What gives a kick that say! ”


” the funniest challenge is that of Laura. Actually it is to cry, but Laura is so someone behind the wheel constantly with her phone is busy. APPEN, mail, bubbles, you name it. Very dangerous! Her challenge to a week not doing has paid off. She is now a safer road user. We all hope that they know to keep this challenge and that they don’t back into her old  

driving style road hogs expires. ”
way of life for the bloggers 52 Challenge it is a way of life. Esther: ” Daily to get people who ask what our challenges are by this week or they tell about their own challenges that they have been entered into. It is especially nice to notice that we can enthuse and other women so that we in the meantime also itself better in our own skin. That is our ultimate purpose. ”


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