The hippest dance styles of the moment

dancing is healthy, makes happy, and anyone can do it. You burn a lot of calorie ë n, and it’s fun, too. But what are the hippest dance styles of the moment? Where do you create impression on the dance floor?

there are an awful lot of fun, interesting and educational dance styles, which continues to develop. An evening of dancing can be anywhere in Netherlands, everywhere are dancing schools. But which styles are there offered?
I want to start with Waacking. Waacking is a dance style that was born in the underground gay club scene in Los Angeles. This style plays with personalities, emotions and facial expressions, which violently be affected ï by movie stars and models. Unlike Vogue, Waacking is funkier and contains much more movement.



then what is Vogue? Vogue is a dance style in the late 70 and early ‘ ‘ ‘ 80 and arose from performance, a dance style that in the years ‘ 30 in Harlem in New York City to mind. It is a dance style that imitates various poses of models that are often on the cover of Vogue magazine, and so name gave to this dance. The eponymous song by Madonna, is also real Vogue-dance music.



Contemporary Fusion
the word Fusion says it all, a combination or blend of different styles. Contemporary is of itself a mixed style of classic modern and jazz-dance. Contemporary fusion is thus outside of these three styles, still often combined with urban/hip hop influences. There are no limits, the teacher follows his feelings.



In the 70 ‘s is dance hall created as a separate genre in the popular Jamaican music. In the 80 ‘s was overheersender by the ‘ digital ‘ ragga Dancehall Dancehall. By the faster rhythms also changed the dance. On reggae, reggaeton and other popular Dancehall music are fast energetic dance moves with influences from both Jamaica and Africa carried out. This music is more and more in clubs turned, and is becoming increasingly popular.  


Popping Popping is based on the technique of fast tensing and relaxing the muscles, so that there is a certain movement (for example, a shock) by the body of the dancer, which is also known as a pop, hit or at a smooth motion is called a wave. This is done to the beat of the music, in combination with various movements and poses, which propels the dancer usually like for example a robot.



Locking (also known as Campbellocking)  
Locking is a modern dance form that is often used as a street dance in combination with hip hop music and sometimes funk. When locking is danced with fast exaggerated movements, especially the arms and hands are used and where the hips and legs less dominant. The locker continuously freezes for short time which hold this attitude. This often does thinking faltering to a robot. The locker makes almost always (eye) contact with the public.


Zumba has no explanation is necessary. Everyone has ever tried a zumbalesje. Within the zumbalessen covers the basic steps taught multiple styles, such as Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, Jive, Samba and Lambada. Also be offered separately, and often these styles you this dance with a partner.  

Larger dance schools will offer these different dance styles, such as Global Dance Centre in Amsterdam, Juvat Dance Academy in Zaandam, in Brabant you can e.g. Flexxn Dance Academy in Eindhoven and dance school EigenWijZ-R  

in Oosterhout.

do you know another fun dance style, which we have not appointed above where you can practice this style? Please let us know!

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