5 classmates where you used to not be wanted in the classroom

Yes! Another year over. But you may or may not fall out with you: was sitting? Or did you stupid enough to Mr. stank Cor out of his mouth to coffee? Actually everything was ok, as long as you é but not at the following classmates in the grade.Nico therapist While you learned the table of five Miss Marieke, Nico ó another one stuck n the table. If you know what I mean. Did you find that gegraai in his dirty snot cooker always. And the more you did your best to not looking at it, the more often you saw it right w é l. Even during crafts could resist a green grain between Nico are moza ï eken design to kitten. To say nothing about the Court than lessons in which he stuck between the pages – the Green slime to two days later, the pages of the relevant book not to be able to get more out of each other. But where you you remember the most about marveled was Nico’s crest. He got it well so stiff with gel, or because he regularly his hand under his nose shoved directly by his hair and let go? It remained a mystery to you. But é é n thing did you know certainly: Nico was no fine classmate.  

  Gifted With a packet of   Prince

Harm   and his Ministars Rubiks-cube he was sitting in the schoolyard breaks at the fort. Play along with Monkey Cage? That he never wanted. ” No sense ” , he said then. What Harm a special classmate made, was that-ie standard with a reward sticker on his forehead ran. Why? He learned or never, yet he always took out big fat tienen. Very frustrating was that you always with election got home. And that while your mother you had rehearsed for two weeks. Not fair! You wanted ó ó k once a ‘ well done ‘ sticker. Even during the English lessons you scored no higher than Harm. The English words that you had to read out loud he spoke in turn out flawlessly. Words like ‘ famous, ‘ aunt ‘ and even ‘ breakfast ‘ smooth rolled out of his mouth. ” Well done   Harm ” , said the teacher than ever. While you know something of ” Keep trying ” got. Bailey!  

it will you be surprised if Paulien Popular Paulien shortly on the tube appears at the most beautiful girl in the class. Because that she was, you can now admit. When you were with her in the classroom was not. When were you Of all you had on retejaloers d’r. or possessed, she had the better variant. You had her laying on your shoulders? Then she had a braid to her ass. You had a fountain pen? Then ran Paulien with a cool 8-count kleurenpen in her book to scratch. And if you showed your Rapunzel-gum, proud as a Peacock came Paulien with a kneaded Eraser starters. ” Rapunzel is z ó Group 4, ” she said then. Paulien was just popular, and they also took there. So Kristel once had Jaw Breakers along to school. Everyone was hoping to get one, but none that got a hot cinnamon roll of Kris. Apart From P. Why? She promised her a recognized membership of ë erde Kristel zelfgecre girl group: Girls4Ever. And you? Kanneelbol –   – you did without yet another attempt to guess the password of this     sneak peak «clubbie you Sat to Kiki knikkebollend. ‘ ‘ listening to the lesson of Miss Amelia? Then the teacher knew that right away. Also if you h é l é you fall out about two rows away secretly notes she wrote to this in no time. Whether they possessed the sixth sense? No. A pupil, called Kiki, whose second hobby solicitation of other classmates was. The worst was still that she personally ensured that Miss Eric got handed over notes. And there you were not at all happy with it. On the note was an ugly drawn Miss Desmond top-secret information such as on who you had an eye and that you wore a bra for the first time that day. Consequence was that you get this information with a red buoy in front in the class stood for to read. Fine Kiki, very fine.  

Nature Against-the-girls while most pupils from Group 6 treat Flip POS handing out and banging roles, leaving themselves with sticking Bubblegums entertained Nature in ponytails, the tackling of Annika, Maike and Tiny balls of ink fountain pens in during gym and stop Penny-calendars. With its 50 Cent-shirt, chocolate cigarettes in his pocket and hardened spikes by gel – – usually too late the class Nature came within gesjokt. And he won’t immediately it ‘s statement. Or Something. ‘ Faint ‘ found most girls him whatsoever. But you spoke the words ‘ girls teasing, kisses questions ‘ from, then you could the shaking to a stain free calendar. So you did not. Blackmail. Pure blackmail.   What classmates could you be behind the school  

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