8 actors who very far for a movie role

Travel you know for your work dozens of kilometers? Or tap you know even at night that catchy pitch? Some have been for hotter fires. As this film stars. By miles … this actors to bare’d Bangers went far  

for their role!

Renee Zellweger-Bridget Jones
Bridget Jones. We love her! Not only because her actions sometimes scarily apparent é n hilarious, but also to Renee Zellweger itself. For her role she had to arrive so ‘ n 12 pounds, which meant: bye, bye perfect line and hello rolls of fat! ” Had no problem, ” Renee said. She ate as many doughnuts and pizza’s and after she had reached her Bridget-weight and the film was turned, she sat back on her goal weight in no time. For the second film, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, for which she had to arrive some kilo’s again, she took a specialist in service to a tad more responsibly with her weight  

to go.

Renee Zellweger on her Bridget-  weight Renee Zellweger on her  


Christian Bale-The Machinist
Also actor Christian Bale for the movie The Machinist underwent a major physical transformation. He fell almost 30 pounds off and that while he had a weight of 78 pounds. Of course under professional supervision. The result was – exactly as   wanted – shocking. None of the moviegoers who had recognized him.  

Christian chapeau. Christian Bale in the movie The Machinist   Christian Bale in real life


Demi Moore-G.I. Jane  
for her role in G.I. Jane, Mrs. Moore went far. They played the first woman who took part in the training of the American military and all her male fellow sufferers were shaven. Women are no exception. the actress for her film role had to the Clippers about her long locks and   that she did. ” it was a little getting used to, but soon I found that short koppie delicious. The saved
a lot of work. ” Demi Moore with short cropped hair    8 actors who very far went for a film role

Demi Moore with long locks

Ryan Reynolds Blade: Trinity
Ryan Reynolds, who also played in films such as The Proposal (hilarious!), had to for his role in the film Blade: Trinity grow a six pack. And what for one! He had a childhood in six days a week for three months and he took every day 3200 calorie ë n to itself.   And fair: the result is being.  

 8 actors who very far went for a film role Ryan with (six) pack Ryan in ‘ ‘ normal state (= similar places)


Natalie Portman-Black Swan
Natalie Portman, which actually is already as good as skin and bone, had to for her role as ballet dancer in the film Black Swan, a number of pounds off discharge. Ten to be exact. This she did by means of a carrot and almond diet and in addition had a childhood in which they à eight hours a day five: CrossFit, swimming and ballet. Later told the actress: ” there were some nights that I literally thought I died. It was the first time I understood what people mean by that it can fetch someone a role down empathize with. ”

Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan   Natalie Portman in real life  

Rooney Mara-The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
the 26-year-old actress Rooney Mara underwent some drastic changes for her role in the film The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. For her role as Lisbeth Salander gave Mara her chic look a raw edge: é cht according to multiple sources they pierced her lip, eyebrow, nose and dyed her hair black, shaved parts of her head hair and snapped ‘ heels ‘ from her pony  
.   Rooney Mara in the film The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo Rooney Mara for her transformation

50 Cent-All Things Fall Apart
In 2010, rapper 50 Cent are fans huge scare when he placed a picture of himself on his social media. He was unrecognizable. For the film   All Things Fall Apart, in which he plays a Football Player struggling with cancer, he transformed by a muscular twink to a absolutely skinny spillebeentje. In total he lost more than 25 pounds. How? He followed a liquid diet and trained three hours a day. Once again under the supervision of  
professional guidance.   in 50 Cent Things Fall Apart  8 actors who very far went for a film role  

50 Cent for his transformation


Hilary Swank Boys Don’t Cry

the life of Hilary Swank changed completely after being in the movie Boys Don’t Cry     played the role of Teena Brandon, a teenage girl who liked a boy wanted to be. To in the film as Brandon Teena decided to proceed. And that she played according to several reviews more than good. What Hilary did to prepare for her role? She did research for weeks and read novels about transgender people. They also lived a month as man, cut them off and her hair she wore a corset to hide her breasts. Hilary   won the Oscar for best actress after this film.  

Hilary Swank as Brandon in the film Boys Don’t Cry   Hilary Swank in real life

    What   did you think the transformation

most shocking?

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