Simple good intentions which we succeed

stop smoking, lose weight, save money 20 pounds. Every year our intend so ambitious. Too ambitious. They also never actually succeed then. Let’s check out what our intentions downgrade, because then succeed they undoubtedly did!

  it is a tradition that every year we put together a list of good intentions. And it’s actually called a use that we here nothing or baking. Perhaps we should also not such high demands on ourselves, but our plans to keep things simple. Because then we have a much greater success rate! Take for example this intentions.  


 simple good intentions which we succeed



é Only eat snacks that you like  


cht instead of: no snacks eat more. you can of course invariably put on your new year’s resolutions list that you want to banish all snacks out of your life, but that works of course not. Before you know it, grab your back to a strip of your favourite chocolate. Instead, you better stop eating snacks you semi-like. Take only snacks you like! é cht  

soft drinks and juices more often replaced   instead of: no soda and juices


Often do you like more drinking. it a while to drink no soft drinks and fruit juices to full, but after a while that probably bored for you. Especially if you previously almost never took a glass of water or Cup of tea. Swear off, but not replace it more often. Whatever you could do is dilute juices with water. You still have a sweet

drinking  .

e é n times (additional) instead of sports a week: at least three times in the week sports.
  three times in the week in the iron hang, you can of course try, but how long can you keep that full? Two weeks? Three at most? If you intend to work out more, throw your whole rhythm than not at once to. Go you never exercise? Then start with once a week é é n sports. Sport you already? Then go é é  

n times in the week extra sports.

an evening in the week making time for each other
é é  : n times instead of in the week a date night with your lover.
A date night with your lover is of course a great idea, but the execution is usually less easy. Firstly, does that very much pain to the wallet, dinners are not free and in addition also a visit to the cinema costs dearly. Therefore, to speak é é n an evening once a week for each other to keep free. So don’t hang together on the couch and stare to the tv, but to do something together to meet é cht. For example, cooking together or play a game.  
  Less: stop drinking alcohol drinking  
instead of assuming you. no alcohol problem, is stop alcohol very drastically. On a festive occasion may be you know to some wine sipping. Do this only in moderation. Speak to yourself off on what occasions you best a glass or can and love to it. For example, only on Saturday night


and on special occasions. Dec

instead of smoking: quit smoking.
of course it’s the most beautiful if you can quit smoking at all, but in practice many people don’t succeed. Quitting smoking is something every smoker has probably already once tried, but what not nearly as easy as it seems. Therefore, make sure to try to cut down. If you’re worried that you still just as much smoke as first, then make a schedule or yourself when you can smoke. For example, after breakfast and after lunch. And of course for the  

non-smokers: just

not start. What good intentions do you have for 2015?

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