No link building via ’ s ’ s home page and directory?

The last years the phenomenon

link building.

Formerly put webmasters were interesting and relevant links to Web pages that primarily for

the visitor.

By links to include in the algorithm, the search engine will not need any Web page to judge yourself 100% of the

content and technique.’ s

Web page with more links got more value of the search engine and

came up in the search results.Abuse of home ’ s?

After this phenomenon became known the webmasters was used to their own and other websites to get higher in the search engine by

links to yards.

as a result, were more and more non-relevant links posted (the kind of link did not make much out), to influence the search results


Websites such as mass were used to creating links

was a link on a home page within 5 minutes settled and that is far less than the time you spend to get a link on a website of a

ad Verbum is.Distinguish

by the growth of the non-relevant links to their search engine algorithm to fit the ‘ wheat from the chaff ‘. < img title = "Algorithm" alt = "no link building via home's and directory & # 8217; s?" src = "" width = "166" height = "267"/>

The aspects which are now being evaluated in a link

Relevance to the text link anchor text Relevance Relevance Relevance webpaginaDe website where you want the link capable (content, header, sidebar, footer) how high the link in the Web copy is Content and links ratio amount left on the website Popularity of the Web page (in terms of visitors) Popularity of the Web page (in terms of left) Result for link building via start page ’ s

the value of a link from a home


All value (link flow) and visitors to that page is shared by 40-100 other links. This means there will be little ’ about ‘ link value. Of course there are other aspects that have ensured that the value of a link on start page

less has become.Visit

, for example, such a start page and rate the page on the basis of the factors involved in the enumeration are. Furthermore, the number of visitors to such a home well after the growth in popularity of the

search engine and social media.

< img title = "Link building at home?" alt = "no link building via home's and directory & # 8217; s?" src = "" width = "284" height = "151"/>

< p style = "text-align: left;" > ‘ The home is not a home more. ‘

Because a link is shared with 40-100 other links, chances are also larger that the visitor leaves a faster Web page and click on another link in that list. The website gets so a high bounce rate (that indicates that the page is not the answer you wanted, and that had so that the page was not as useful/relevant).

So no ’ s linbuilding via start page?

it may


Links from start page can in proportion with the time it takes to ask another reasonable value and when you will be on your target group is still home to the

a link to interesting questions.< p style = "text-align: center;" > ‘ research where your target is ‘

More trouble for a link

do ask webmasters of the increasingly home pages a link back. A unilateral link is worth more than a bilateral link and when you link to a non-relevant website (such as a home) can that be negative for the rankings of your Web page.

I am often skeptical about linking back (I like to link to websites, because they are interesting, not because it should be or are asked).

I do not

Itself (more) bother to to request such a link at a starting page (I used to be done though) because I think the value of such a link continues to decline and that an investment in a good quality link

many more presents.What left is?

That do you know better than me =). There is no fixed list of links that certainly do good for your website. It is located on your website and to your target audience. You know your audience best. Ask yourself questions such as: How

communicates my target group?How to search my target audience to information?Which websites your target group is to find?What forums and blogs are visited by your target group?On which social media is your target audience and how do they use it?< img title = "Social media blog" alt = "no link building via home's and directory & # 8217; s?" src = "" width = "287" height = "239"/>

now you have a list of websites, blogs and forums. Then you go look at how your links on those websites can get hold of. So can you interfere in discussions on relevant blogs and forums (and put a link to your website in your signature). Interesting infographics, pictures and movies and share on social media or guest write articles on websites where to find your target audience is.

Really should change the mentality in link building.

you should not specifically look for potential links do it do well in the search engine, but look for potential links that visitors can bring. When a link yields no visitors, you can assume that the link is not worth much, or drop in value in the future.

so do not be afraid to invest in a link

a qualitative good and relevant link can provide dozens of additional visitors per month and a rise in the rankings.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginCreate Task and Basic settings, WP-Auto Post

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