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Of course you want all posts and page ’ s on 000. en Wade through the message, respond to and share it with your


but I understand that you don’t have the time for.

that is why I have made a list of the 15 most popular page but ’ s, according to the number of social media

on 000 shares, .nl.’

So is the choice of page s you need to

can read what refined.Most popular page sSocial Shares1 ’. 136 SEO tips to better findable worden752. Search engine optimization on the basis of the Maslow piramide443. Most Popular Dutch Online Marketing Blogs354. 10 SEO tips to lower to tendrils! And what you need to do. 325. 11 tips to higher in Google to come in 7 minuten316. The unprecedented power of koppen277. Higher ranks with any text that you have ever written? It can! 258. INFOGRAPHIC: Internet facts 2011 Nederland259. The Online Marketing strategy of Google + 2410. 8 ways to verhogen2211 the conversion. Online Marketing Model2012. Benefits of online out of the box-denken1813. Google’s algorithm about Twitter and the semantic web1714. The most complete guide to making and promoting a website1715. Higher CTR + lower bounce rate = More Bezoekers15

you’ll find that one of the other 128 page

’ s in the top 15 should?

Stay or not sit still and go directly to that page and share it with your network! =

)Back to the social share figures total

728 times something shared on 000. en

(27 August 2012).the number of shares per


social media network.

< img title = "Social" src = "000 Shares .nl" alt = "Most Popular Online Marketing articles" width = "399" height = "443"/>

Just thinking out loud.

I am still doubting that is to integrate Facebook share button.


the reader (read you) has more features to share a message that will make possible more social shares (and thus new visitors) can get it and according to the research of Search Metrics, there is a high correlation (relationship) between ranking and

the number of Facebook shares.

Why do I didn’t?

Correlation is not causation (cause), I think Facebook what more personal than business and therefore less relevant to an online marketing blog and because with the number of social share buttons less is more applies.

A number of related questions and artikelenHoe you come to these figures?

< img title = "Social" src = "000 Shares. nl2" alt = "Most Popular Online Marketing articles" width = "150" height = "150"/> since I have a nice online (free) tool for found. Social Crawlytics

I also want to more blogging, but I have not the time for

read the article 14 proven ways to blogging more done at krijgenvan Christian Slagter on.

and the article by Kitty Killian. They wrote a nice article about how often you well should

blogging.I blog for (often), but I get no social

Than I refer your shares to my guest blog on Karelgeenen. The 21 secrets for more social



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