Voordelen van online out of the box-denken

It’s in our blood to


We need..


chaos over structure remains.we Therefore discriminate against

and generalize on los. We build quickly a box for each new phenomenon unconsciously or

place it in an existing box.

why do we do that anyway?

Because every time we put something into a box, we remove a piece of uncertainty. To be even more uncertainties, we create a hierarchy between all cabins.

We know who We can trust or not (and to what extent), where we need to be for information about holidays, where we buy clothes and who cooks at home tonight.

thanks to the structure that we create, we can deal with such things that matter.

The curse

Unfortunately, this property also negative sides.

The limited creativity and we are less open-minded. We placed anything directly into a box, so that we no longer have to worry about pressure.

therefore, the first impression is so important.

each new blog article, Web page, tweet or response may be the first impression on someone. What kind of impression people get of

your online presence?We make not one big mistake.

We use the wrong structure.

’ the ‘ tree structure for years is one of the most important handles to structure in the life. Structure in hierarchy, classes, functions, families,

’ s menu, evolution etc.

clear, but..

the tree structure is not able to properly display each each network and connection. Networks and booths are more complex than originally thought. Someone fits in multiple boxes and various booths are related to each other. There is no clear hierarchy.

networks are semantic.What does this have to do with online marketing?


Structure everywhere, so online as well. On every Web site, in any text, in Google and in all social networks. The better you understand the development of structures, the more successful your online is

.Less distractions (i.e. more time) more relevant added value

informatieHogere rankingsCreatieverSocialerMeer the movie explains the principle that networks and

boxes are more complex than originally thought.

  and how can we apply this well?

Send and receive relevant information

not everyone fits into one box

‘ ’.

so that too with Social Media. A colleague might also be a good friend. One of the strengths of Google +

is the structuring of all connections.They

understand the idea and offer the possibility to share in multiple circles in persons. You can then send and receive targeted relevant information.

and that is necessary with the information overload that we now face.

Structure on your website?

almost no 1 page fits under one fixed Cup.

thus, the page: SEO advice also applies to online marketing and social media. Why limit ourselves to one so ’ n specific hierarchy in links.  Make your website

also semantics.’ s

disconnect all related page to each other (internal links). The better you all page links, ’ s the more relevant each page is


better for the visitor is better

for your rankings.Authorship and the semantic web

Google is hard at work on realizing a semantic web

.Linking synonyms link articles by the same author (with the authorship markup) linking relevant articles on one Web site (internal links) creating personal search results (thanks to Google +, Chrome, Google services)

it’s time.

time to the semantic structuring information to embrace it. The faster you help with creating the semantic web, the more money you have there.

To-do listMaak a Google + account and stop your contacts (and me) in one or more relevant circles.Give interesting and instructive articles a + 1. part information and articles to relevant circles.Select a niche and create a database with relevant articles.Disconnect all relevant articles to each other with internal links.Use the authorship markup and write guest articles.Use the semantic structuring at brainstorm (out-of-the-box).Create relevant lists (Facebook and Twitter) and follow only relevant information.Remember with all online marketing expressions if this makes for a good first impression.And consider also what kind of impression you want to make.


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