Educational statistics on the CTR of …..

The more data you have, the better you can make strategic and informed decisions.

Let’s all available data about the click through rate (CTR) retrace.


… what is CTR?

At each link, there is a click through rate. The CTR is the percentage that clicks on a link. By the average of a CTR on a specific link to know in advance, you would better be able to calculate the ROI (return on investment).

So you can think of;How many visitors delivers a number 1 position in Google opHoeveel persons will open my newsletter and click on a link in the newsletter?How much can an adsense ad me yield?How many visitors for each keyword on an Adwords ad delivers?How many people will be on my Facebook ad clicks?

Dates by which each webmaster, entrepreneur or marketer can make better decisions.

Let’s start with the CTR of the top positions in the

results page of Google.

results page there are several researches on the web to find about the CTR by position. I find it striking that the figures so far apart

c.Therefore I have but four different studies under

put together, so you can decide which one is best.

Top 5 according to

may 2011 DEJANSEO

43.2% 30.7% 23.3% 19.7% 15.1%

the percentage of this research comes from above 100%. This is because they have taken account, in such an examination, also the people who visit more than one Web site.

Top 5 according to Search Engine Watch april 2011

36.4% 12.5% 9.5% 7.9% 6.1% Top 5 according to Slingshot SEO

June 2011 18.2% 10.05% 7.22% 4.81% 3.09% Top 5 according to Blue Rank

52% 31% 28% July 2012 21% 15% CTR in Google Adwords

The click through rate is different for each keyword, position and


but yeah, there you have nothing to. I have therefore the internet but equally afgespeurd and came to the following figures and opinions.

according to an employee of Google lag the average around 2% (2010). In another article I read, that novice advertisers should focus on a click through rate of approximately 2%.

Various Adwords experts say the click through rate between 2 and 5% is not in competitive markets and competitive markets at

around 5%.CTR Facebook ads

Also here I see on the web

dozens of different figures.

Always very useful when the company itself … publishes no figures..

‘ ’

Let’s start with the fact that an average banner ad on the web has a click through rate of 0.1 to 0.3%. Any source (that I’ve found) indicates that the CTR of an ad on Facebook

far below this average.

according to a survey, the average around the


anyone else says:

Optimal CTR: 0.11%-0.16% Above Avg CTR: 0.07%-0.09% Average CTR: 0.04%-0.05% Below Avg CTR: 0.02%-0.03% and here it says that it is around the 0.02 and 0.04.Chak

CTR of an e-mail newsletter!

again dozens of different

The ratio is, of course, to the kind of newsletter.  According to Mailchimp is the open ratio of a newsletter

between 13 and 33%.

somewhere else I read that an open ratio of 10 to 20% reasonable. Personalized newsletters (highly targeted) can achieve an open ratio of above 20%. (2010). According to an American trend analysis the average open rate of a newsletter on 23.8% and a CTR of the links in the newsletter on


and according to MailerMailer is the CTR of the links in the newsletter around the 2.7%. Though gives each research that the CTR increases, with the amount left in the

newsletter.CTR Google Adsense ads

and we have another one.


where no real figures are published.

I myself have noticed that the subject of your website (and so the ad) very much affects the CTR. on the internet do I get figures from 0.02 up to 40% against. The average CTR of my niche websites are between 0.4 and 6.25%. The ‘ best ’ page has a CTR of around 20-25%. On the web I see even rates of 40%

stopping by.


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