You can calculate in advance the income from Adsense?

< img title = "Adsense" src = "" alt = "you can calculate in advance the income from Adsense?" width = "150" height = "150"/> it is possible to estimate of the income from a spacious Adsense, before you start with the placing of one or more than one of my ads on a page.

in order to calculate this

we have some

data needed;Average cost-per-klikZoekvolume of the zoekwoordHuidige position in the search results Click through ratio (CTR) from the search results page conversion on the average cost-per-click and search volume

the average cost that an Adwords advertiser paid for ad on the first page you might like the search volume of the keyword found in the Google keyword tool.

How do you do this?First, go to the Google keyword toolMeld you (top right) fill in the term in which you ranktSelecteer [exact] (top left) sets the

NederlandsZoek   on location and language In the results you can then the number of searches per month to find the search word and the estimated


Let’s calculate the estimated income as an example of the keyword ‘ design

bank ‘.Average cost-per-click: €0, 91Zoekvolume the search word:

590Huidige position in the search results when you have an existing Web page, you already know what your position on the appropriate keyword in the search engine is.  Have you got any Web page on the keyword? Treasure than with a competition analysis in what position you

can achieve.

suppose we design on the keyword ‘ bank ‘ 3rd position WINS.

then the next step; calculate the CTR (click through rate) from the search results. You can do this by search volume by the CTR percentage of the position you have. There are multiple studies done to the average CTR by position, but because the percentages differ so take I always but a


for the third position is the CTR about 10%

By the search volume by the CTR got a spacious estimate of the number of visitors from the search engine.

Conversion of the Adsense ad

while Google never has published figures on the average conversion of an Adsense ad, we can have a few average and use to calculate the conversion guidelines.

the more relevant the ad is, the better the CTR will be.

I get the keyword

To design bank most likely ads by Web shops that sell design sofas. So that is now good. But when you advertise on a page where no products or services for

the conversion exist is very low.Figures from my ervaringNiet relevant page: a conversion from 0.01 to 0.3% per ad (very) relevant page: a conversion from 0.5 to 5% per ad

normally I use a conversion rate of 1 to 3% per page. Let us now take 2%.

All figures

process We now have all the necessary figures. So it’s time to

the numbers to process.

of the 590 visitors will click on your website so some 10%. So 59 visitors per month

then we 2% (the conversion) of the number of visitors. 59 * 0.02 = 1.18 conversions per month

Then we multiply the number of conversions with the average cost-per-click. 1.18 * 0.91 = 1.07 euros per month

Google also picks per click an Adsense ad a percentage. So Google deserves 32% of each Adsense ad click. So 1.07 * 0.32 = 0.73 euro per month income.

Yet not all reliable

0.73 cents doesn’t seem very much, but the ‘ real

’ income will be much higher.

so will you get to a third position on a strong keyword also tendrils on dozens or even hundreds of other relevant

longtail keywords.

for example, 1,100 once a month to search for keywords with the words ’ and ’ ‘ design ‘ bank in the search and another 4,000 times

to other strongly related keywords.

other than that, the page also visitors from the home page and the other pages that link to the relevant page. Finally, you could take up one position in the search engine revenue double or with a clever placement of the ad

the conversion increase.All in all

it is possible to have a large estimate of the potential Adsense income per page, but it is far from accurate.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginHow to set CSS selector, WP-Auto Post

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