Has a 404 page affect ranking?

< img title = "404 page image" src = "http://000.nl/web/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/404-pagina-afbeelding.png?4d996f" alt = "has a 404 page affect ranking?" width = "169" height = "169"/> 404 pages belong to the web.

when a page is taken offline, one gets a 404 http response code, in other words a 404 page. So ’ n 404 page has no negative effect on performance of the other URLs in the


you have a page that is no longer relevant and away can? Feel free to delete the page.

but it could be that the page you’d like to remove a strong link value (that quality links from other websites to the relevant page).

When you are so ’ n page removes, you throw away the link value in principle also. You have so ’ n page? Then the url (301) redirect to another relevant page or ask the webmasters or they want to customize the link.

Sin of the link you get a 404 page

when someone visits a non-existing URL. This is so also in an incorrect link from another Web site. For example, a spelling error in the url, each visitor who clicks on that link with a spelling error at

a 404 page.

such a non-working link can have a negative impact on the ranking of the Web page that links to you (because a dead link is not very user friendly) and your page gets the link value from that link


That is sin.There are two ways you can solve this by the

Or webmaster who links to you to approach and attention to the fact that the link does not work or by the misspelled URL with a 301 redirect to refer to the correct page.

If You Can t Beat Em, Join Em ’ ‘ ‘

it is impossible to anticipate all misspellings in the


sooner or later there will be visitors on your 404 page. Try so that visitor as good as possible, to help find the right page and reduce the chance of your website at

a 404 message left.How do you do it?

by a combination of creativity (humor) and


with functionality we mean a search feature, a link to the home page, a link to popular articles/page

’ s etc.

Why creativity?

no one like

on a 404 page.

they get the information they’re looking for are not and that can be frustrating. By creativity and humor to handle in your 404 page is this negative experience very less and they can just be encouraged to make some extra effort to end up on the right page.


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