Should I use Bold and Italic in my Web texts?

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everyone has the

been there.

Miscommunication by texts. So ’ you have a sms, email, or instant message sent or received that whatsapp is wrong then, after which you still come across in an interview had to explain what exactly you meant.

it’s many male trickier to get a message through to transfer texts than by a call. In an interview you can use volume, facial expressions, hand gestures, silences, pitches and when a text is not


However, texts need or even essential when you want to distribute a message en masse or want to transfer over a long distance. Thanks good and clever use of natural language punctuation, text properties, and the somewhat newer smiley ’ s

you minimize the miscommunication in texts.

Bold, Italic and Strikethrough text properties are properties which are used to text on a word or group of words

a specific extra thanks to

text properties have copywriters weapon that could be used to convey the essence of a story better. Because the words that underlines are ‘ more important ‘ than the other words, it is also logical that the search engine extra note the words emphasized when evaluating a Web copy

(for relevance).And they did also

but unfortunately there was just like the meta keyword tag and the alt tag

too much abuse by webmasters.

instead of highlighting key phrases and words, just the keyword on which they want webmasters went vines emphasize. As a result, the text properties lose their added value.What’s the use to the visitor, that the same word several times and is emphasized in more ways than one?

nothing! They already know where the text is about (by the title and the introduction) and it is not necessary to have that extra emphasis. A text is even less readable when such text be used wrong.

propertiesSo not use it?

a real writer, SEO’er or webmaster does not write texts for the search engine, but to the user. So we need to get back to the base; writing for the visitor and take into account the

search engine (and not the other way around).

so don’t just use bold, italic, strikethrough and underline when it helps you better communicate a message. It has then maybe no direct positive influence on the ranking, but indirectly and for the visitor though.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginContent Filtering, WP-Auto Post

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