Provide comments on your website for a higher ranking?


a blog hear reactions.


reactions can open your eyes, motivating, sharpening, change the view and irritate (spammers.. bah).

But that substantive responses.

also have a positive impact on your ranking?

And what about that no-follow,

in terms of SEO?

Let us answer those two questions equally articulate and then

.Provide comments for a higher ranking?And provide comments without no-follow for a higher ranking?

And with a higher ranking I mean if it has a positive effect on the indicators that Google used to assess a page.

Let’s start with the first question


 Provide comments for a higher ranking?


like many other indicators is the degree and kind of

to influence its use.

for example, using a keyword which you want tendrils falling added value for the relevance/quality of the article. Use the too often (read abusing), has a negative impact.

So I think it is also

with comments.

How onrelevanter the comments are, the smaller the influence will be. You would be able to draw this point further and say too much irrelevant comments

a negative impact.

Irrelevant comments consist mainly of spam. So automated responses that are not unique and nothing to do with the article. In Netherlands you get to do with a difference in the


 Positive influence by topicality and relevance means activity

new comments on your blog. (Inter) activity is generally equal to current events. So Google can see to a new comment or blog article right now

is up to date and relevant.

the relevance and topicality of a article are essential for the visitor and thus for Google. A new relevant response would so a (temporary) positive impact on the ranking. Why temporarily? Because something now current, later that

does not have to be.

When a new comment, would you further philosophizes even though which is very good, but be read by a limited number of readers. The influence of the reaction, on the added value of the article, would therefore be lower than that

the whole article is updated.


Although the more relevant content at content goes on quality instead of quantity, the amount of text the search engine helps in determining the relevance of the article related to

related keywords.

is also a response to the content. A (comprehensive) response means more content and this can help organize the search engine so the Web page in the ranking of

(more) keywords.

a comprehensive new reaction can therefore ensure that you better ranks on the keywords where your page already is classified and provide a ranking on new (often long-tail) keywords.

 Provide comments without no-follow for a higher ranking?

and then we come to the question of


Has the removal of the no-follow tag in the comments a positive influence on the ranking of the website itself? To answer this, we would first have to discuss a comment link utility at


using the link you specified, Google would be able to see who exactly the reaction gives. So who would the reaction may associate with the authority and relevance of that person or the website

in this area.

also if you go here you could say that the one who philosophizes reacts affects the degree of influence of the response to the ranking of the page (jah strange sentence).   But then you would also be able to take the point that currently has no impact on who what link enter when

in the comments.

O Yes, a

between prediction by SEO;

“ I think Google in the future try to verify comments and reviews of persons and to pair with each other. A kind of author rank, but then ”


for everyone back to the usefulness of a link

nowadays webmasters generally very skittish about placing links to other websites.

I think that is

by a misinterpretation of the articles on the distribution of PageRank and link flow. As a result, many people think that placing an external link has a negative impact on the ranking. I think the reverse; placing relevant links to external links can have a positive influence on the ranking (as long as the link brings added value for the visitor). Both indirectly, in terms of usability, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it also directly can have a (small) positive impact.

I came last on the blog of E-difference against a nice article about the influence of external links to the ranking. The article was about a patent by Google that might be used in the assessment of

external links.


“ The reachability reachability score score is, simply put, determined as follows: someone clicks on a search result and this page (the “first source”) he finds links to other Web pages, documents, videos, etc.

Google identifies this “second sources and reviews based on” time on site, bounce rate, and other values from which interaction can be derived that the user page (“second source”) of

added value finds.

If the user these pages of this added value is positive and get the “first source” a higher reachability score: this page links to other pages/documents/videos that are interesting for the user


This can bring to Google than the reachability score ranking in the search results and enjoy Web pages that refer to pages by other users appreciated ”

a preference.

Author: Jeroen Saha on E-difference

I think that the click through rate of each link on the Web page also will have an impact on the reachability score. So the more often there on an external link is clicked, the more that link counts in assessing the influence of the external links on the Web page where they

on it.

so my opinion summarized over external links; it has an indirect (and possibly even direct) positive impact as long as it brings added value to the user, the link is relevant to the article and when the page to which you link

quality is good.


The pair with the comments left at the comments can also be found on our website under; external links. And so according to my opinion and the possible imported reachability score affect the ranking.

the disadvantage of such links is that you don’t or have a limited impact on the kind of links in the comments. But Google would be able to keep in mind here also (among other things with the CTR of the links in the comments (which is generally very low)


 The benefits of comments without no-follow

1. If you have the no-follow on takes away your links in the comments, is an active monitoring of your comments needed. This would be if you do it right, a positive impact on the ranking.

2. ’ n link without Further promotes no-follow some people in order to place a response effort. And we had been discussed before that may have a positive influence on the more comments ranking.

3. Finally you should get a no-follow tag should give to each link that is not organic or no added value to the reader. What is it the signal that sends you to Google if your page has dozens or hundreds of links (depends on how many comments you have) in which you have indicated that they are not organic or

provide added value.

but yeah these are my



I think the removal of the no-follow tag in the comments, if you get it right directly, indirectly and perhaps even keeps track of a positive impact on the ranking.

so feel free to Leave a relevant comment with a link here


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