The anarchy that SEO is called

The SEO World is but a strange happen.

it is a world that has a huge influence on the Web experience of each Web surfer, without that person should know that the world exists.

it is a world that greatly attractive to every business owner and webmaster, but this is not always


it is a world where anyone can say that they belong and that do not have to prove


it is a world where you can find a lot online about, but to a large extent consists of opinions, correlations and interpretations.

That freedom, ignorance, complexity and that flood of uncontrolled information available leads to two


Two camps and a large grey area.What is SEO or exactly?

We need to get away from the literal definition of search engine optimization. At SEO you should not optimize a website for search engine

, but for the user.

The entire search experience, from inquiry to answer, should

be the best possible.

And everything on your website has influence on those

search experience.

it is not only about the content, but also the design, how to make reliable happens to you, how fast your website is, how fast can someone find what, how well organized everything is structured and the extent to which you can fulfill the need of viewfinder.

offline networking and even how you how you

your e-mails answered can in theory affect the searchability of your website


all the experience of a user with your website (and governance) affect directly (but usually indirect) can affect the success of your website (in the search engine).

No SEO texts, but clear problem-solving texts

If Google reports that the ranking of a page in part determines by the (search) words you used on the Web page, then that does not mean that you the keyword which you want tendrils compulsive Web copy should still come up a few times in the


not as keywords, see keywords, but if

problems.Google is a machine

questions when someone is looking for something, then he has a problem or a question. A question that must be answered.

he translates the problem, demand, then

in key words.

it is thought not generally not good after when searching. They don’t think about the words they type, long after the formulation and


why would you do that too?

Google shows almost always the right search results. If not? Then a new search

within a few seconds.

That is also

the power of the search engine.

translating the chaos of search terms to problems and then deliver the best results within milliseconds.

that task, translating from chaos to ask, is also the task of

a SEO copywriter.

not writing a related piece a few keywords into wads. But analyzing a keyword and on the basis of these results the best article in that niche to write on that subject.

Perhaps the best

have wel well


but something differentiates itself from the rest. A unique approach, more comprehensive, better written or written for a different target group.

Why is your Web page (website) better than the rest?

your Distinction from the rest.No link building, but Marketing and Public Relations

anyone with a website gets to do with the ‘ dark side ‘ of SEO.

Link building.

and then the literal form. Webmasters who have ‘ everything ‘ for a link on


but still prefer

as fast and easy as possible.

Spamcomments, linkrequests, article marketing (gone wild), article shifter and other vague things.


the search engine used links as a kwalitateitsindicator, because one (formerly) only link to sources and sites where you can find more/good information.

The software engineers of the search engine are working daily to to tweak the algorithm to the value of the links on the right way to increase are obtained and the value of the links that are obtained in value in an unnatural way to reduce (or eliminate).

Link building you should see this when increasing the likelihood that your website get links and of course social signals.

How do you do it?

by first to make content that is worth to be shared or linked to


And by the content under the eyes of the audience to get.

which target group?


potential customers and the people in your niche with a large network and/or

its own website.Be visible and networks a.k.a. Marketing and Public Relations.

Marketing is entering into relationships and Public Relations is maintaining those relationships.

be active in the places where your target is. Help them. Let your the best side in existing communities where your target audience is located.

And this creates on term has itself a community of enthusiasts, sparring partners, fans, followers, friends, like-minded people and co-thinkers, partners.

a community where your website or blog Central is.

a community that your content spread (social shares), which are more likely, because they know you and your USP’s to your website to refer (left) and your website recommended for

people in their network.

And word-of-mouth is the best advertising there is?


SEO is not something weird or magical. It is an umbrella term for all activities involving your customers better, more relevant, more transparent, clearer, more up-to-date, faster, doelgroepgerichter, improved and more popular


SEO ’ ers are generalists that can help you to achieve this.  Not with magic


What you miss in this piece of misinterpretations about SEO? What is SEO according to you? Or have you ever heard anything about SEO and want to know if this is so? Leave a comment below behind!

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