Dopamine, the Paradox and the 1st Position


it’s been

two hours.

In the night.

on a Tuesday.

I gaap.


it is night again one of the sessions where I, driven by dopamine, keep clicking. Search. Read. It’s time to close the laptop and

some rest to unwind.

but not …



another one.

and then I stop.

it can’t hurt.

not really.…

I need to know

curiosity. A blessing,

sometimes a curse.



another one.

I open a new tab, start Googling and

click the first result.


Shit.something’s not right Here.


My spider-sense begins to tingle.

God …


….Not again!



wide awake.


How the fack ranks this page on number 1?

How? It doesn’t look!

And … ’ n

on search term as Pff’ in The


me need to know.

where can

it to lie?

Is the content?


No. The content goes nowhere about.

300 words about nothing. Nakkes.


the keyword is too common.

way too often.




page or domain authority then?

I open what


click, click, click

it will not anyway.tig

Tig sidewide links of home pages and

to the left of partners and customers.Carmen

Allready. When Google picks up this well even really


But ok.. I have an answer.

I can go to sleep.Why I rank at number 1?

I had this also, but instead of irritation of curiosity, at my list of the most popular online marketing blogs by


number 1 on ‘ online marketing blog ‘

number 2 on ‘ internet marketing blog ‘

number 3 on ‘ marketing blog ‘

OK, the are no keywords where I get thousands of visitors per month.


but it sure is nice.

A steady flow of relevant visitors who regularly catch on 000. en.

I actually

but why rank at number 1?

Sure. I think it’s the best page out there is

for this keyword.


But why does that really mean?The most common explanation

the links.

but no.

Every website in the top 10, on all three keywords, has a higher Page


a much higher Page AuthorityAnd to the

Domain Authority could it not lie under my list blogs by Dutch cowboys, Karelgeenen, Hubspot, Edwords, Traffic Builders, E-difference, Daisycon and some search words Frankwatching, Marketingprofs and Molblog.

not the least.

they are all bigger reputable blogs about online marketing who have already had a longer time, a much stronger link profile (page & domain authority) and

a much larger user base.The content then?


I do not know.

it is not anyway to

the quantity of content.

I had, when I started, just a list of what links and figures (the amount of social shares).

In the eyes of a crawler a foiled home page.


the link value and authority.

< img alt = "Dopamine, the Paradox and the 1st position" src = "" width = "787" height = "431"/>

it’s not the content and it is not

to the left.

the two aspects that determine the ranking for the most part


it should be than anything else that it compensates.

something more valuable than a much higher page authority and relevant content


what could it be?

what can well have great influence as ’ n?

I can think of three possibilities. Let’s retrace as.

been discussed before in ‘ ensure reachability score do-follow comments for higher rankings and ‘ seen on ‘ to other websites linking to a better ranking

‘ of E-difference.

This is about a patent of


the patent is about an algorithm that looks at the quality of the Web page

’ s where you link to.

Link you to bad non-relevant websites? That would be a negative reachability score can bring.

and vice versa.

the thinking behind it: the better, more complete and more informative the page is, the higher the page would


The reachability score would then have an impact on the ranking.

But to The websites where I

are the best and most well known blogs in the niche, according to the number of

social media followers.

If Google the reachability score used to determine the ranking could this be a

explanation for higher rankings.Can see the search engine links?

it could also be that Google is a connection between the position of the website in the list and the quality/authority of the


that Google sees the list as a real list with

a logical hierarchy.

a list that has been compiled and manually filtered

of mediocrity.

If Google can see, this would be the page as high

can be considered strong.

every visitor who is looking for an online marketing blog can end up on a page in one click, where all Dutch online marketing blogs are, classified on the number of

social media followers.

Hmm. Or?

Social shares by professionals

The list I have updated several times.

a piece or 5 times.

with every update, I shared it.

+ Via Linkedin, Google and Twitter.

At Twitter I referred often to the newcomers and the hefty

& shakers.

Almost all the blogs in the list

the list have once shared.

the article is shared more often than the page

’ s ’ s from my colleague.

Set (it is not yet proven) that the number of social shares a influence on the ranking, then would the quality of the social shares (of popular bloggers in the same niche) may have an even greater influence on the ranking.



maybe it’s a combination of those three points.

maybe it’s something else entirely.

I’m still not quite over.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginDocumentation, WP-Auto Post

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