How a webshop ensured that I ordered 2 x as many

The to-do list today filled the last page of my notebook.

time to a new order. Through Google I joined a Web shop where they ‘ my

’ notebooks sold.

thing I noticed was the call-to-action.

< img alt = "How a webshop ensured that I ordered 2 x as many" src = "" width = "368" height = "62"/>

€ 1.95 shipping ” why is “ in

the call-to-action?The unwritten rule at the call-to-action close

When you click on a link, you actually have a

agreement with the company behind the website.

you get to do with 3 things

A belofteEen

compliance with the agreements promise the words with which one link (the anchor text) is the promise that the website makes.  For example: I promise to give more info on X if you click (normal text links) or I promise you this product

can buy.

When the visitor clicks, he agrees with the promise and offers almost always a counter presentation if the company holds itself to its promise. That consideration can attention, but also a promise to buy product X. And if one makes, so once ’ at webshops n promise takes down one not as fast off more. 

’ s the main aim at product page of inexpensive products is therefore always: a click on the call-to-action. Therefore, the whole page should serve to the call-to-action and all the elements on the page as soon as possible the largest lower thresholds (doubts about the visitor removed).

and do you know what a great influence on the CTR of a call-to-action?

the anchor text.

So.Why they promise at this webshop extra cost?

” “ “ why not tomorrow or 2 years warranty ”?

do not want them that I click? Hmm. …

I love, But like the rest of the world, not by hidden costs.

by the shipping cost to place the call-to-action, I will vote when I press the button in the additional costs.  The costs are no longer hidden and it will save irritation (if the additional costs came as a surprise) at the next step.

I find it not as bad at 2 euros shipping fees to pay and therefore directly clicked on the link


and when I came on the order page, they let me see a prominent tip.

< img alt = "How a webshop ensured that I ordered 2 x as many" src = "" width = "784" height = "45"/> pleasant surprise?

Hmm. I do not know what went wrong then at me or that the Dutchman came up in me.


I don’t need to pay shipping costs (costs where I’m joining agreement already gone) when I order something from € 1.60. Hmm. and your shipping charges, of € 1.95, is higher than the amount of the product I had to order extra (€ 1.60). And quite by chance is there next to the tip with a soft call-to-action

’ ‘ go shopping.

20 seconds later I had 2 notebooks ordered.

and I had there but 1.

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