The blog cycle, what many bloggers forget and I earned 50,000 extra page views

It’s Wednesday evening. Your regular blog evening. With a large cup of coffee (or glass of wine. What you want) you’re perusing the collection blog ideas to


Slowly you dream away at the words you last night, halfslapend, had written down. ‘ Problem is not information overload, but information over consumption. Turns more and more to relationships. ‘

Pff..  What did I bring here? Hmm.. Was it? Yes!

you start to write directly. The spark of inspiration transforms into a sea of flames. It is the first version. Keep writing. Everything is permitted. Keep writing. Fuck order. Keep writing. Long live the chaos. Keep write.

the next day pick up your fresh the article there. Where yesterday everything should, today stands logic, structure and flow at the helm. You make half complete sentences and eliminates without shame

whole paragraphs to mediocrity.

and then the title. The brand most important sense. It is the promise that a derivative (social media) should attempt to derive and entice your scanner article.

and then it was article. You can’t wait to share it and, therefore, do you do it either. You share the item directly on Google +, Linkedin and

several times at different times on Twitter.

Many shares and great comments. With a smile

lean your back.

mission accomplished. Well blog.

until next week.Dirty egoist

while you sit back, you automatically mark the fate of the article. The fate to the article to express more and more into the background. To ignore it, until it dumbed down and no longer shows.


to your visitors and not

in the search results.

We publish and publish but. Our blog is an accumulation of small one-time quantitative terms-and not-so-successful



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But it is an accepted selfishness. Everyone is doing it. I


this does not mean that it is the only possibility. Else is blogging a very uncertain

marketing method.A long term relationship is better.

a long term relationship with each item. And in a relationship is sincere attention.

times are changing. You grow. As a person, as a professional and as a writer. The market is changing as well. Why should your articles or not grow? Get some smoother, more topical, sharper and more informative.

We, business bloggers, the blog must not consider as a journal. We can, should and must continue to improve articles. No one has ever said that you publish a business blog after

no touch it.

Okay. It should and can. But why should I?

What is in it for me?

More visitors on short and long term and not the burden of

publishing a new article.

each item that is improved, can you share. This means another shot at (a snowball effect to) more shares, comments and links. Also provides a better article for a lower bounce rate from the search results, more relevant content and/or qualitative content and more

activity on your website.

and all those signals may directly or indirectly have a positive influence on the ranking

in Google.

< img src = "" alt = "the blog cycle, what many bloggers forget and I earned 50,000 extra pageviews" width = "814" height = "176"/>

above you can see that the number of visitors to the first publication of a blog but a pittance is of the total number of


And it takes a lot less time than creating a new article. You know already what exactly you want to transfer, how you want it to do it (an angle), how one last time on the article responded (you can think of the CTR, title and shares) and probably 60-90% of the content remains the same.

And an old article that is already proven and updated scores well

once easier later.

< img src = "" alt = "the blog cycle, what many bloggers forget and I earned 50,000 extra pageviews" width = "1115" height = "185"/>

And stable high rankings

the amount of available information on the internet is growing unstoppable hard. Although the Dutch market in terms of information compared to the English-language market is still relatively small, the daily offer bigger, improved and more diverse.  The bigger and more diverse the offer becomes, the more important the quality of articles is


the longer you your blogs as something considered one-off package, the higher the bar with new blogs in the near future to get traffic from the search engine.

And a better first impression

by the search engine is each article a starting point for potential customers. And first impressions count. Therefore, baal I (in part also:) that I rank on various keywords with old articles. Articles of moderate quality. I’m curious how many shares, I’m left and lost customers. What if I had spent an hour extra to each item? I shall still higher ranks?


I’m going to tackle those articles soon. What are you going to do? How many visitors, shares, and customers would you like to

still missing out?OK what can you do?also

instead of just content creation content optimization in your agenda. Even if it’s only an hour per week.

You can then retroactively all blog posts on your website long pillow cases. Or selectively optimize. For example;

All articles that focus on keywords which you have not ranktAlle articles that already high what visitors to articles that deserve more attention trekkenAlle krijgenWat should I improve?I scan the article and

Itself I look if I still am satisfied. If this article the first article is that a potential customer sees, are you satisfied?

Further I look or the article is optimized for a keyword phrase.Or the article flowt and easy scanning.For new high-quality articles on the topic have been published.Or the dates and figures are correct.If I’m in the article already link to related (new) articles on my blog (and vice versa).

read more tips on how to get higher in Google can come to optimize Web page ’ s

, by.

and forget after updating not the item

to promote.

P.S. This article is not derived from the note ‘ problem is not information overload, but information over consumption. Turns more and more to relationships. ‘ That comes later maybe


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