Not all blog articles are created equal – Where are your must-reads to find?

Not all blog articles are created equal

Why you treat them as?

one article is just better than the other. And that is not at all very. But

.First impressions count

and I am not even so much about the title of a blog entry, the visibility, the design or the article itself. No. The impression of the first visit to your website.

If I’ve read a fascinating article, then I’m still not convinced of your common and may. No. But.. you do have to pack my interest.

And as long as you don’t screw up I keep clicking, scanning and reading. And if I like the first few articles, have you a fan at. And a fan distributes your articles, you might forgive once is at a lesser articles and

customer.And. You’ll never guess …

you have control of what I am going to read on your blog. Really. And let’s make it even crazier. I even go out looking for the items that you know me


almost every blog that I follow (or a while have followed) has gotten me on this way to pack.

Copyblogger was my first with their must-reads in the sitebar.


with their viral content in the


Brainpickings has it also in the sidebar.

the Blog Academy had it too and is then switched to a

’ ‘ start here page.

Actually you don’t even your best blogs to show. You may also view a list of the titles of 20 + blogs Unhide. I scan though. I’m used to it. Then I determine to yourself the title if there is a good article on it. No hard feelings. But then you should be able to write good titles.

a couple of blogs that do this are

and PJRVS, Oliver ZenHabits EmbertonBut …

can’t you just dig into the archives and see what

your interests?

and every time click Next? HAHAHA. No. I do not do. I don’t have time to bother to do in order to separate the wheat from the chaff on your blog. At Least. So

I trade.

Yes. I’m lazy. But, everyone is lazy. Your target audience too. I just want to click. And the best articles have ended up with. And if you don’t, then I read one of the latest articles that you have written. That is not on high level? Then I go away. And I probably won’t come back.

Pff.. What we are (I am) yet terribly spoiled.

Therefore determine what is going to be the first impression of your blog

If you designate a new visitor may 5 articles must read. To convince him of your common and may. What will that be? Then create those 5 articles (there may also be more or less)

more visible and discoverable.For

000 I chose to determine which items I want to make visible to a new visitor. That you can now also be found on the home page, in the header and in the sidebar. Excess?

maybe.But you can also enable a plugin for

the most common way to do this is by adding a

Most Popular widget in the sidebar.


here has several plugins for, such as; Popular Posts Most Popular Posts WordPress Popular Posts

many of these plugins, select the most popular/best

items, based on the number of views.

However, you could find yourself should consider whether the best articles are the most popular. The results of the most popular posts/featured content are directly associated with the quality and professionalism of your website

(and services).

you could choose a different way to the best articles on your website

to determine and display.Best Content versus Social Media Shares

so can you with the plugin Most Shared Posts most shared articles show. You can then create a top 5/10 of the items that most Likes, Tweets and

+ 1 ‘s have been given.

< img title = "most shared articles" src = "" alt = "not all blog articles are created equal & # 8211; Where are your must-reads to find?" width = "300" height = "300"/>

best Content versus number of Comments

With the Most Commented Widget can give you a top 5/10 making the blog articles that most comments


< img title = "Wordpress plugin most comments" src = "" alt = "not all blog articles are created equal & # 8211; Where are your must-reads to find?" width = "342" height = "296"/>



even creative and think out of the box

Although such a most popular list in the sidebar makes the best content findable, does not mean the optimal

is visible.

you would then be able to put on the best content on a more creative way to represent. Let’s see some creative ways retrace.

Moz Moz

puts the best/most popular content in the Sun by to add an image. As a result, the featured content extra


< img title = "show Featured content" src = "" alt = "not all blog articles are created equal & # 8211; Where are your must-reads to find?" width = "258" height = "489"/>

my opinion Viperchill Viperchill grabs the well. The owner (Glen) makes its most popular content visible in two ways.

Glen also works with

As a sidebar widget, but has he given the titles a striking Tan. He further shows under each title

the first sentence of the article.

it seems like a bit on a search result, including a catchy title and brief description.

< img title = "most read articles" src = "" alt = "not all blog articles are created equal & # 8211; Where are your must-reads to find?" width = "279" height = "358"/>

Viral Content

the second way I find very


Glen has in its menu the heading Viral Content posted. He shows the most popular content on the page (according to the number of comments) in a clear table. He also has the three best articles extra Visual stinging created by to present them

as e-books.

< img title = "Most Viral Content" src = "" alt = "not all blog articles are created equal & # 8211; Where are your must-reads to find?" width = "639" height = "601"/>


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