What you know of these 39 boring and brilliant titles can learn to write better titles + 23 tips to

Dutch bloggers are not as good at making titles. English-language bloggers, on the other hand, are Lord and master in creating fantastic titles.

We run thereby a lot of visitors wrong.

not only because we lose the fight against the English-language articles, but because we lose the battle for attention. We lose other tweets, family photo ’ s, sbs6-content (‘ the 17 most disrespect full things ever happened ’ etc) and even

of work.

how good the content is, without a click is not read the article (and not shared (and can therefore not be referred)).

why are Dutch bloggers

not so good?

no idea.Maybe we realize yet that our titles are not as good (and what we go wrong) maybe we do not know how we should have good titles we too little examples makenMisschien, inspiration and tutorials

But okay.

A number of examples of titles that I come across. By meh-

strong titles to titles.Meh-

Meta-description titles 10 Twitter tips

– Google Analytics to measure is to know Content is king

own website analysis?

Page title optimization for Google


some better titles most made mistakes on a landing page

storytelling in your marketing, it works

Tip: so you determine the optimal price for your product

Strong titles (Yes, we have them though)

Link building without borders: 14 ways to ‘ different ‘ attention &

links to collect what we can learn from the ’

‘ worst website ever I myself would only click on the last two articles. How well those other articles are.

now let’s look at the titles that use

popular English-language marketing blogsTitles of English-language marketing blogs

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how to write better titles?

what I think the biggest reason is for moderate

titles is the promise.

the lack of it actually.

the lack of

a specific promise to the reader.now read this article

why should the reader? What can he if he has read your article?

More tips:

Look ’ ‘ finish a swipe-file (a collection of strong and proven ads and titles) and stop all strong titles in there you meet.Steel the swipe-file of someone else (the English-language titles above are part of my swipe file).Through Google can make you look more find use the swipe-file for inspiration when writing an integrating title Use The Four U’s ’ ‘ the item should be valuable to the reader (useful) the article must be urgency (why should that person read it now?) (urgency)Create the idea that the benefits of reading the article is unique (unique) and do all this extra specific. (ultra-specific)Clayton Makepeace still Here

6 questions from copywriter you need to ask before you’re going to write a title

.Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading?What specifics could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?Does your headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject at hand?Does your headline present a proposition that will instantly get your prospect nodding his or her head?Could your headline benefit from the inclusion of a proposed transaction?Could you add an element of intrigue to drive the prospect into your opening copy? ” Read

read all articles from ‘ How to Write Magnetic Headlines

‘ of Copyblogger.

and look what they use for titles at magazines.

that practice this for years.Explore the theory

a small summary of the theory I on ‘ how to make a rock-solid seo-title

‘ have gathered.

investigation showed that the links with one of the following three aspects only

presented.The title contains a generic termenDe title woordenDe title contains fabricated words or does not contain relevant terms

Outbrain also has a researched the CTR of 150,000 titles.


there came from?Titles with 8 words perform best (such titles have a 21% higher click through rate than average).Frames (with figures) perform better than average.Cups with odd number had a 20% higher CTR than the heads with even numbers.A title with a hypen – or colon | a subtitle so | performs 9% better than average.Titles with a question mark perform better than items with a exclamation mark or a point.Experiment

experiment with titles. Experiment on Twitter. Through the newsletter.

Test with different types of content.

for any kind of blog, blog post and niche does something else better. Test what types of titles at

you work best.The titles for these postHoe you write better titles + QuizWij, Dutch, are not as good at writing titles.What we can learn from English-language to schrijvenWordt marketingblogs23 tips to better titles Lord and master to write in titles by English-language blogs tipsLeer – kopiërenSchrijf irresistible titles 23 irresistible titles to write and steal the attention of your competitors Why English-language bloggers make – Lord and master in titles and what we can learn here Why we worse write titles than English-language bloggers learn to write irresistible titles – why no one click on your – article no. It’s not the time Why not start your articles? That is you write to your schrijftWaarom the titles you hell bad titles? Teaching of English-language marketingblogsWat you know of these 39 boring and brilliant titles can learn to write better titles + 23 tips to schrijvenWij incredible bad titles. For no good reason. MeestersDe leather 10 extra minutes per article can make your blog or breaking 10 minutes late and you achterwegen your blog post makes or breaks.We ignore the most important sentence in every blog post why are Dutch-speaking marketers so bad in grabbing the attention?Why Dutch marketers are bad in marketing articles by SEO + miscommunication we get less from blogs Why SEO isDoor SEO copywriters for the handcuffs are bloggers become less creative. And what we need to do here against

Ok.About my lined up to titelsDeze 22 titles I have now figured out in 25 minutes on the train.I have every title that I came up with have written down. Delete nothing.My inspiration I pulled out my first thoughts on this topic, the text, the numbers, The Four you ’ s, which 6 questions, the swipe-file and I’ve been trying to think of the result, the cause, what needs to be done, who is concerned and possible metaphors for the subject.Quite frankly I am making up for a normal article a piece or 3-5 titles. Far too little. Far too lazy. Sin. I’m probably missed tens of thousands of visitors. I’ll never know.Most likely, the best title not the first title. Why wouldn’t you go online with the first the best title?I have no idea what title I well have to go use for this article.I write only after I have written my post titles. I do this because I have a fairly chaotic freewriting style. Copyblogger has an article that says you should write the title first.


I would like to know what your top 3 of (my) titles. Or if you still have other ideas.

feedback is worth gold.

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