Most entrepreneurs fail with SEO, because they are too early with the white flag waving.

Everyone wants to come.

high in Google

everyone wants to … visitors per day, so that they no longer have to worry about contracts and money.

but everyone takes down

too early.

the average entrepreneur trying to build an online business that has dozens of SEO articles read and dozens of tips to apply higher in Google to come on their website. They are even started blogging and do have

up to 15 blog articles written.

And after a month or 3 stop

them.The average entrepreneur fails on the internet

And with failure I mean it not successful/be. At the online entrepreneurship is join

not more important than winning.

We fail in different phases.

some entrepreneurs try (online entrepreneurship) there wasn’t even. They dare not to. Sure, they have a website. But they are so skeptical about getting customers through the internet, they don’t even try. Because their not

at their ‘ niche ’ fit or something.

But most entrepreneurs fail because they are too early with the white flag waving. They give on.

why we we quickly specified? The expectations, in my opinion, is the biggest reason.

This is, I think, because we live in a world where feedback and result is almost instantly. School, sports, education, study, work and the internet. You do something and in no time you will get a reply back


And it doesn’t work when building an online business.

to succeed with SEO, blogging and content marketing you have a

investeringsmindset necessary.

A mindset that the focus is not on success but on the road to success.

the process.

learning create better content. A better understanding of the target audience. Learning to create brand awareness and relationships online.

By you focus on the process, you get results.  The result of the better is little by little

high positions and better content.

those 15 articles. Those are just the beginning. Those 15 articles are a warm-up. You ’ ve barely scratched the surface.

Succeed with SEO is as successful if the artist also Start to think like an artist


you have to persist. For each audience. However small is.

at the very beginning.

First you play for 10 men. Only family and friends. A couple of months, there are even a few crazies that time to see you play. Then you play for 50 people. 100 men. Then they want you there even for pay. 300.500.

the number of slow growing.

how good you are. It grows


how intelligent you are or how much knowledge you have. It grows


knowledge and ideas are multipliers of the export – (translated quote by Corbett Barr)

The quest

most are still looking for a simple way – a secret Golden formula

– that are right for their needs.

maybe you know that

now does.

Stop with that.

To delaying the hard work you have nothing. You have only yourself with it. Really. By postponing the hard work are you postpone your enterprise to the progress. Next year you are still where you are now. And about 5 years

also.The road to success

the road to successful online venture is heavy. The pass is painfully slow.  It is frustrated,.

it’s incredibly demoralizing if your articles are hardly read time and time again. You know stops there a lot of time and effort in and you get little back. I understand you. It is nothing short of


but everyone starts. Yes.

everyone.I started sometime in March 2011



July 2011 I had 76

organic visitors.

July 2012 I had 938

organic visitors.I had

July 2013 2169

organic visitors.I had

June 2014 10.572 organic visitors.


takes a long time.

it always takes longer than you think.SEO is not necessarily hard work

it is one stone down every day. How small that stone is.

this process can only be maintained if you makes the process fun (or find).

and I believe that everyone the process (create and communicate) can find fun (Yes, you too), because you can get heard and appreciation (and I don’t know anyone who wants to be heard or not want to get any compliments).

But I don’t know where I should write about.

I did not.

I have SEO itself taught (learned from blog posts and try it yourself) and wrote mostly about what I was working on at that time. And

that I still do.

first I wrote articles that started with the question what? ‘ ’

(what is a SEO?).’ ‘

then how? (how to write SEO-texts?).

Then I have

much fiddling with the ‘ why? ’ (why are tags bad? or why do you keyword in front in the title?).

and lately I spend most of my time with the entire process around SEO (the boundary conditions, starting, motivating and the importance of really bother mention). And a while I’ll probably somewhere else

about blogging.

Your blog should be a representation of you and your knowledge. If you know you (in the beginning) as recur, dare you to blogging on term less (because you’re afraid to disappoint someone) and if you yourself are not challenging you get bored. Write about what you know you deals in a way that the audience understands and where your target audience what to


the more I learned (so stay learning), the more I could tell and the more creative ideas I had (an idea is a linking of existing pieces of information).

and still I have moments when I do not know where I should write (write down therefore every idea you have (I myself have periods when I have many ideas and periods when I don’t have a good idea)).

But I do not have time

Sure though. Dick not. Make time. An hour a day can anyway though. Or half an hour. It’s your company’s sake. You got there no time for


when I began to deepen in SEO I was sitting in school, regular keys had to catch up, ran 40 hours in the week internship, worked 16 hours at a parttime job went out, had friends, watched series, played games and worked regularly to 000


Sure there are always people who are busier. Who have children. More jobs. Friends.


but you have to make time if you want to get somewhere where you’re not now. Even though it is

10 minutes a day.

even I, someone who is extremely irregular and little blog (usually only 1 time per month), over a period of 4 years can a reasonable number of visitors per month.

What if you learn from my mistakes and more regular blogging? Then you might be in 2 years. Yes, 2 years. It takes still

long.But writing is nothing to me

That I found too.

I was when I started bad with SEO in writing. Really bad. Now still (but slightly less (I hope))

dyslectie (

:), now still I had no motivation to write, I could not write and knew my god not where I had to write about


my blog articles were boring, contain a lot of huge dry, style and language errors (still now) and contain 0.0% to original thoughts and ideas. In retrospect I’m pretty happy that I used but 76 organic visitors per month


my first articles were so bad that I have taken off my site they even, because I would be ashamed if anyone would read them now

.only after

blog article number 30 (no idea when it was actually. But ‘ let ’) I realized that I am writing actually quite liked it. Researching, reading and explain especially. That’s why I went through. Therefore I continue to write while still was not read or while you got feedback that you better could stop writing, because there are so many language errors (constructive feedback on spelling is very welcome, though:)).

only after 2 or 3 years I started to write about something more creative (unique) topics. In that time I started to write and I looked more like myself how I could convey information in a more effective way.

it’s all about the process.

often hinders growth Perfectionism.

take 1 step.

of article 36 to 37.

17 to 18 of experiment.

Keep persevering. Keep experimenting. Continue to grow.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginContent Filtering, WP-Auto Post

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