Come up higher in Google in 7 minutes


it is possible.

you can optimize a Web page in 7 minutes and thus higher in Google


but if you don’t know what exactly you need to optimize (SEO and what exactly is), are you the first few times a bit longer busy. An hour. Maybe even a day. The more often you do it, the easier and faster it goes.

Let’s start with how you can optimize a Web page right.

To higher in Google you need to demand (the keyword and the search intent in this keyword) and supply (your Web page) on

each other closely.

grab a Web page that you want to have higher in Google there. Scan the page quickly and ask yourself the questions: which problem solves this page on? What need does the Web page? Or on what question gives this page answer?

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which words will use a viewfinder than if he has that problem that question, need or?

just think moment. 

I’ll wait.

Ok. Do you have a list of words? Choose a very specific combination of words that best fits with that question. No, not 1 Word, but a combination of descriptive words.

for example, ’ or

‘ ‘ Modern wedding photographer Utrecht Midlife crisis ”

solve – therapy for menMake the best Web page on the web

Ok. We have a search term combination where we like to


Let’s go back to the page the problem dissolves. Be honest. The Web page is the best Web page on this particular subject

in Netherlands?

Is the unique? It adds something? Distinguishes it from the competitive Web page ’ s? Is the problem (and the solution) extensively covered and described?

Tip: the more specific the topic is (the keywords), the easier it is to one of the best Web page ’ s

in Netherlands to make on this subject.

comes the question (of the viewfinder) and supply (your Web page)

perfect match?


no problem! Every Web page could be better. Try to improve the texts and the Web page to complete. Let this page but are open (it goes nowhere to go) and go to the


Ready? We now have a better Web page.

Can you directly see the viewfinder that can help him further?

of course, you could help him, but he can also see?

a prerequisite to high in Google to come is that the Web page must be very relevant to the search query (the keywords a viewfinder used). The viewfinder must quickly and clearly can see that you can solve his problem the best.

In the article how to write texts that come high in Google? ‘ can teach you how to connect to the Web page shows the keywords that you have chosen


Let’s retrace how to webpage

optimizes for the user and the visitor.< img title = "title use" src = "" alt = "come up higher in Google In 7 minutes" width = "210" height = "175"/>

a strong title create a rock-solid SEO Title, where the search term combination in occurs. Not: F-J ’ – – ‘ Home “ Educational toys preschool toys, but for car

” for example.A reassuring introduction ‘ wooden ’

readers read generally

a text.

One piece of text that is read, almost always is the introduction. Summarizes the entire article because it short and sweet. Feel free to set the reader and let him see that you’re in the introduction can help further. How? By

briefly describe his problem.The unprecedented power of clear heads

heads are the stop signs by

a Web copy.

use the attention that a cup claims to a scanner to convert to a reader. More headlines means more attention. And better heads means more conversion. So not ”, but “ “ benefits: more time, less stress with (product or search term) ”.

P.S. for headings have you need paragraph ’ s.

also there for care.Be the Walmart of your niche

Walmart is successful because you can extract everything there.

a person does not need more to 4 Miscellaneous shops to go to things to make that he needs. In addition, the Web page and/or by slim ’ s and additional Web page to link to related topics can you ensure that your Web page the Walmart of your niche is.

One place where the viewfinder can find all the answers within your niche.

How much white space use?The less white space you use, the faster someone can read the text.The more white space you use, the better the text understood.

which one do you think is more important? I the second. Use white space. O Yes, short sentences are also better to understand than long sentences.

Create the Web page

woestelijk attractive it is many times more difficult to get a message through to transfer a text than

by a call.

By clever use of text properties you can

a piece that already do better.

By images and possibly video ’ s use can give you a better idea, thought or emotion transfer. The Web page is visually more appealing and you can give your service or product images with guidance.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

When Walmart area we had the already that you can make a Web page more relevant and stronger by cleverly linking to additional and relevant Web page ’ s. linking to articles on your website, but also to articles on other quality websites.

But, you make the Web page also (and especially) stronger and more relevant by linking your Web page of related articles to


Hmm. How do you know well what other articles relevant to your Web page? By Google’s algorithm to use. Go to Google and type in the search bar: site: the keyword.  Then open that page ’ s and link with a descriptive anchor text to your Web page. The more relevant links, the more powerful the page is

.< p style = "text-align: center;" > < img src = "" alt = "come up higher in Google In 7 minutes" width = "787" height = "80"/>

A popping valve < img title = "always summarize" src = "" alt = "come up higher in Google In 7 minutes" width = "240" height = "150"/> How to connect you the article? With the last argument?

you should not do.

close the article well. Summarizes the text together (where you have the problem (and the search word) again calls it) and provides an action to. What should the reader do? Order something? Share something? Subscribe? Read more articles?

Offers that to. People want to surf. They don’t want to stop. They want to click. Make that possible. Every Web page should have a goal would.

< img title = "Visualize" src = "" alt = "come up higher in Google In 7 minutes" width = "210" height = "140"/> Bladder

new life into the Web page you now have a Web page that are more relevant, more comprehensive and qualitatively stronger, more user friendly is. A Web page that grabs attention and better channel more attention. (Be) better understand the text will read longer viewfinder, and they will be more a


a page that is updated, would be shared.  Share the Web page via Twitter, Facebook, Google and Linkedin.

Is a blog post? Then change the date in today and place it at the top of the blog page.

The result – the website higher in Google

but not only that.

The Web page gets a flow of new visitors. Viewing the page sharing. Or go to refer (it’s the best page in your niche now anyway?). All these factors will contribute to a higher ranking in Google. The more page ’ s you so optimizes, the stronger your website becomes, the higher

every page in Google will come.

it’s a vicious circle.

additiveStructurally higher in Google?

with the upper steps can you optimize a Web page on a micro level for the search engine. SEO is more than just improving individual page ’ s.

SEO is the strategic

a growing website.

you need to know where you should write, how you promote your articles, how to make a structural network builds up and how you build a user-friendly website


itself has no WordPress website? Please read; how you can make your own website or how to create a blog.

are you an entrepreneur? And do you have a normal budget? Then it is wiser to make a professional website. By a professional agency that knows how to make a user friendly and search engine friendly website builds.This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginSolve the unrecognized characters problem, WP-Auto Post

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