Do you want your – articles – for the change well once you are able to read? I have the solution ….


Tell me why… (’ ain t nothin ’ but a heartache).


Tell me why someone should give you his time and attention?

anyone have too little time, and a to-do list from here to infinity. Why should someone read your article now? Or buy your product now? Why?

as an entrepreneur you have to win the battle for attention. You must win by any other distraction – including work. You should be someone who is at work and even seduce – – to convince your Twitterfeed check link.

But why should he?

Because you know a problem dissolves. ’ that s why. You know fixes an issue where he lies awake at night of.

We must therefore in

problems thinking.You need a wordenDenk to all the problems that your customer problems collector has and may have.Think of all the reasons that a potential client your product does not decrease.

what problems did he? What need? And how do you know to respond to. You know it’s not? Ask your buyers. Do a survey.

do some interviews.Also think about where man is striving for, namely; resultsromance

recognitionrejuvenationrelaxationreliefremuneration (money) how can you with your product and with your articles meet the urgent problems and needs of a potential client?

What is the most compelling ‘ reason why ‘ you can give that on the selfishness of the reader meets? that is why

and how can you be as specific as possible formulate? You’re a hero if you know the following four topics all in a title can handle;

Specific target group Troubleshooting Showing

But 2 or 3 threads is also good. As long as it seizes the attention.

you have to literally tell why he should give you his time. What does the reader if he gives you 10 minutes attention?

I’m going

also try here. “You come hard asleep? With these 3 tips sleep – in no time and you aren’t you tomorrow 10% more productive “

and of course is one of those tips, your product. A pillow for a side sleeper if you are, for example. Or sleeping pills. But das too easy:).

“Why 1 hour less sleep can mean bankruptcy for entrepreneurs – and the tip to solve this without earlier go to bed “

Link to research (that 1 hour less sleep is proportional per day for a week as a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.1). Say that you should not buy the product that you need to snooze + faster in sleep. 

it looks a little American out. Sure. But I would click on both links. And that’s what it’s about. Even if you have such a good story, without a click is nothing. Good content deserves to be read. Therefore some extra trouble.

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