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controversial Google Street view and everyone has heard it, set aside relates to the privacy section does not say that, Google Street view map project is a better service for everyone, 360-degree panoramic display, like a real beauty, how can one not so saddened the world so beautiful about this…

today’s Web site, the function is Show random Google all the existing streetscape, the site seems to have set up the position, refresh the figure is beautiful scenery, you can follow the designated routes for excursions, o! Unfortunately, and very poor handling, you cannot customize the location, 1.1 only in accordance with the arrow point forward you walk or randomly at some position, unlike the yellow people in GoogleEarth, drag anywhere…

google street view 360 degree beautiful pictures-MapCrunch

portal http://www.mapcrunch.com/


after entering the Web site, such as illustrations, is the actions pane on the left, on the right you can select a country or region, and then click Go, the shortcut key “n”, check the Slideshowmode you can get somewhere at random, it is recommended that hook it… Check Urbanareasonly excludes country, only urban areas, check is not recommended, because it cannot see the beauty of the scenery…

Addition, 360 degree surround panorama like this, remember to click on the lower right corner of the screen, it feels…

Catches on Google\ ‘s move

View larger image

the same type of site, leaving aside

beauty RandomStreetView http://randomstreetview.com/can also be randomly all over the world, please!

throwing you into a wild GeoGuessr http://geoguessr.com/at random, and then explore the beauty of their own!

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