Homemade funny 3D animated avatars-Change_Interesting websites collection, update everyday!

This is a fantastic Web site, Intelligent processing of your photo into a 3D image, such as eye blinking, mouth smile, the head can be rotated, vivid, too strange… Also offers a variety of funny costumes, high degree of simulation, the only regret is unable to share this 3D image, can only export image…

homemade funny 3D animated avatars-Change

portal http://labs.mppark.jp/hige/has hung up!

enter the site, click on the large button in the middle of uploading pictures to upload here face a clear, positive pictures of bareheaded, site will automatically recognize your face, successfully, you can see a three-dimensional pictures… Click on the corner of the avatar “camera” button you can save the picture, and it is randomly dressed up on the right side of the button…

User Tata offer fun

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