Show smokers their lung, please-NoSmoking_Interesting websites collection, update everyday!

you enjoy smoking guys attention, maybe this site can give you sound the alarm today… World’s first live-action simulation smokers lungs demonstration tool, the simulation can be seen smoking website and fill in your real lungs, and image and placed it in front of your chest to play a warning…

show smokers their lung, please-NoSmoking


website has to have a camera as an Assistant, aim the camera yourself, you can set the fixed position of the lungs, can also print Web site provides removable shows signs of lung ( in front of your chest, then adjust the slider on the right, the first howmanydoyousmokeaday? Asked how many cigarettes you smoked… Second howmanyyearshaveyousmoked? question is: how big is your smoking… Check the fixlungspositiononscreen? can be fixed lung…

Requires smokers to know is, smoking will also affect the people around you, do not think for themselves but also for others, thank you! Thisarticleisautomaticallypostedbywp-AutoPost: WordPressAutoBlogpluginContentFiltering, WP-AutoPost

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