How to earn Bing Rewards automatically – Hack and design bing reward points generator bot

To earn Bing Reward automatically everyday is something that I wanna do recently. I can earn 15 points everyday without any work from me. Let’s hack bing rewards and design the bing rewards generator or bing rewards bot to earn free points!

This method needs some basic knowledge on computer programming. And is based on linux shell. I also use an vps to free me from opening my computer.



On Ubuntu, I use Firefox to get my cookie. In oder to make to cookie small, you can clear all cookies first. Then with the help of Export Cookies, we can get the cookie in a txt file.


Using command wget, we can simulate like a browser. -–load-cookies=FILE is to load cookies from FILE before session. so, by input in terminal:

wget  –-load-cookie=cookies.txt

we can earn points without actually open the browser.


To make it easier, I wrote a shell as follows:



for i in `seq 1 20`
NEW_UUID=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc ‘A-Z’ | fold -w 3 | head -n 1)
wget –output-document=temp –load-cookie=/root/Desktop/cookies.txt$NEW_UUID
sleep 17


Maybe to sleep at a random time would be better.


To make it run automatically, we need crontab. by man ceontab, we know that we can use crontab -e to make a cron job. It looks like this:

00 00 * * * /path/

where is the file in step 3.

5. You can use your own laptop, or a better way is to have a vps. There are some free vps available, like

Enjoy your free bing rewards!


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