How to encourage my girlfriend?

Question: Hi, what happens is that I am in one of the best universities in my country and I came to this university for the test went well and my girlfriend like, then I came with her and live in the same university Inn, this university is full and my demand is pulling me maso less good but not excellent note, but my girlfriend is apesarque cost him a lot and have done just the first round of tests has not gone well and felt really bad:(, I tried to cheer her up but I felt rejection of it to me, so I think I’m not good cheer, as might cheer?? She is very smart but very nervous wave that will block the uu mind of passage who gives me a advice for you do not pass this? Answers: For me to cheer up a friend/go make me crazy and I get rre well!!! lol = D … but tries to explain the issues that have not know if you understand something or find someone who knows what they are seeing or studying and explain … and if it goes wrong you try at another university!!!

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