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edited by Maluniu you may be asking yourself how you can cancel your Yahoo! account. It can indeed be difficult to find the right page, because Yahoo! has the page a bit clogged. Follow these steps to delete your Yahoo! account forever.



http://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/1/1b/Delete Yahoo! Accounts

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 A Yahoo! account

1 sign up in to your Yahoo! account. Enter your mail address and password. If you don’t remember your password click on the link ” forgot your ID or password ” .


http://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/f/f4/Delete Yahoo! Accounts


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 A Yahoo! account

2 Open the Yahoo! -home page . Scroll down and click on the help link at the bottom right on the page. Then click the link ” My account ” . Select ” delete account ” . Click on ” terminate your Yahoo! account ” . Click on ” account termination ” in the middle of the page.

http://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/f/fe/Delete Yahoo! Accounts

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 A Yahoo! account

Fill in your login information again. Even if you already was logged in you should now fill out your details again. This prevents others from being able to remove your account if you have somewhere you mail leave it open.

http://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/7/79/Delete Yahoo! Accounts

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 A Yahoo! account

read the information about ending your account. Here you among other things in that State from the time of termination no longer have access to Yahoo! services, such as mail, contacts, and meer.br > Flickr account if you use paid services of Yahoo! you will first need to unsubscribe before you terminate your account. Otherwise you the chance still to pay after your account is terminated by.


http://d5kh2btv85w9n.cloudfront.net/4/40/Delete Yahoo! Accounts

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 A Yahoo! account

Fill in your password. You must fill in your password again for confirmation. Also you need to fill out a CAPTCHA to prove that you are a ” real man ” . Click ” Yes this account won’t end. Your data will still be stored 90 days by Yahoo!. You can remove the account cannot be undone.


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